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TH 55 Mill and Overlay Design-Build Project S.P. 2722-81.

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1 TH 55 Mill and Overlay Design-Build Project S.P. 2722-81

2 Roles and Responsibilities Curt Kallio, Design Build Program Manager Jerome Adams, Project Manager until RFP is issued Steve Barrett, Project Manager after RFP is issued

3 DISCLAIMER What is discussed today is informational only, meant to assist interested teams in the pursuit of this project. The ultimate contract requirements will be included in the Request for Proposals (RFP). There may be changes between now and the time the RFP is issued and proposal due date.

4 Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change) ACTIVITY Date Issue RFP October 2011 Technical Proposal Due Date December 2011 Price Proposal Due Date (Letting)December 2011 Anticipated First Notice to Proceed (NTP1) February 2012

5 What is Design-Build? A project delivery method that overlaps the design and construction phases Phases are concurrent, rather than sequential like traditional Design-Bid-Build projects New project and quality management approach New roles and responsibilities for MnDOT and Contractors

6 How Is Design-Build Different? Project Scoping (Mn/DOT) Develop Construction Plan & R/W Acquisition (Mn/DOT) Pre-Design & Enviro. Studies (Mn/DOT) Construction (Contractor) Traditional Process = Design–Bid–Build Open Bids Open to Traffic Project Scoping (Mn/DOT) Pre-Design & Enviro. Studies (Mn/DOT) Detail Design (Design-Builder) Construction (Design-Builder) Time Savings New Process “Tool” = Design-Build Process Develop Request for Proposals & R/W Acquisition (Mn/DOT) Open Bids Open to Traffic

7 How Is Design-Build Different? Different Contract Documents (Books) Lump Sum Contractor is responsible for design MnDOT will review design prior to construction Warranty Quality Process

8 Contract Documents Instructions to Proposers (ITP) Book 1 – Contract Book 2 – Project Requirements Book 3 – Project Standards Reference Information Documents (RID)

9 Design-Build Quality Design-Build Project Manager Construction Manager QC Inspectors (Foreman) QC Testing Design Manager Design Task Managers Quality Manager Design Quality Assurance Mgr (DQAM) Construction Quality Assurance (CQM) Critical Activity Point Managers (CAPM) Contractor QAContractor QC Executive Management

10 Why Design-Build? Alternate Bid Project No need to prepare two plan sets Industry Innovation

11 State Law Process Best-Value (Two Step Process) Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Short-List of Teams Request for Proposals (RFP) Low Bid Short-List is Optional Request for Proposals (RFP)

12 TH 55 Design-Build Low Bid Single Step Process (No Short-List) – No limit on number of teams Allows more concrete and bituminous contractors to compete Short-listing would limit to only 5 teams (state law) – No need to prepare Statements of Qualification – No stipend is allowed

13 Minimum Requirements Contractors – Normal DBB requirements (bonds/insurance) Designers – Pre-qualification List – anticipate Highway Design Level 3 – Allowed to be on more than one team

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15 Design-Build Webpage

16 Procurement Information Information Posted on Website – Interested Proposer List – Supply MnDOT with contact person name & contact information. – MnDOT will distribute updates to supplement website postings (this is for convenience, not for complete information transfer) – Proposer to verify website information.

17 General Project Information No Co-Housing Requirement Key Participants to be on project or available as described in RFP – Designers: Available during construction – Construction Field Superintendent: On Project during all construction activities DBE – Goal will be 8%, additional information in the RFP – DBE Meet and Greet to be scheduled

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