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Writing A Response To Literature By Kristin Hernandez.

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1 Writing A Response To Literature By Kristin Hernandez

2 Includes: * Title & Author *Brief Summary (Somebody, wanted, but, so) *State the theme, message, or character judgment The Introduction

3 In the story, "Where the Red Fern Grows", by Wilson Rawls, Billy really wanted a pair of hunting dogs. He didn't have enough money, so he worked really hard to save the money. It took him two years to earn it. In the end, he was able to purchase the dogs. In this story, Billy shows that he is a really hardworking boy. Title/Author Brief summary Author’s message/judgment

4 The Body - 3 paragraphs In each paragraph: *Give examples/evidence from the story to support the theme/message. *Quotations from the story *Make Connections Text to TextText to Self Text to WorldText to Non Print Media *End with a closing remark/concluding sentence

5 Quotations... In the story, the author writes, "__________" to show... The author's theme comes across when _____ says "__________." Examples... In the story, when ______ did ____, you can see... I got the author's point when... Connections... This story reminds me of a time when... Another book with the same theme is " _____" when...

6 Billy worked hard to earn money by picking huckleberries. He had to pick them from the woods barefooted. He had scratches all over his feet, but he really wanted those dogs. In the movie, "Rudy", the main character really wanted to play football for Notre Dame. He worked really hard at practice, and sometimes he even got hurt. All he wanted to do was meet his goal. Some people will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Detail/Evidence Connection – Text to Non Print Media A concluding sentence

7 The Conclusion *Restate the title, author, and theme, message, or character judgment. *Summarize key points *Give a final thought/statement.

8 In the story, "Where the Red Fern Grows," by Wilson Rawls, Billy proved he was hard-working. By picking berries, trapping coons, and selling goods at the market, he proved he was willing to do whatever it took to earn his dogs. I think people are rewarded in life for their effort. I will always try to work hard to get what I want. Restate title, author, and message/theme Summarize Key points Final thought/statement

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