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Elements of Art Basic components or building blocks.

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1 Elements of Art Basic components or building blocks

2 Tender Loving Care For Someone Very Special Texture Line Color Form Shape Value Space

3 TEXTURE The way something feels or appears to feel. Consider: The roughest texture surrounding us and the smoothest texture surrounding us.

4 How many textures do you see?

5 LINE A continuous mark made on a surface by a moving point that is either curved or straight; used to control our vision and to create unity, emotional value, and meaning. Horizontal (side to side) – calm, relaxed, tranquil Vertical (up and down) – strength, dignity Diagonal (corner to corner) – anxious, excitement, confused

6 COLOR Has 3 qualities: hue, intensity, value Hue: name of a color Intensity: brightness or purity (add compliment) Value: lightness or darkness (add black or white)

7 Color Groups Primary – must have these 3 to create any other color Red, Yellow, Blue Secondary – mix primary to create secondary Green, Orange, Purple: Complementary – colors opposite on color wheel red/green, purple/yellow, orange/blue

8 Analogous Colors – colors side by side on the color wheel Tertiary Colors – mixing a primary color and a secondary color (ex: red-orange, yellow-green, blue- violet) Color Spectrum – ROYGBIV Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple Warm –Red, Orange, Yellow Cool – Green, Blue, Purple


10 FORM Has mass and volume. Is three dimensional or appears to be 3D. Value turns 2D into 3D

11 SHAPE A space set off by one or more of the other elements – usually the space is described by line. Shape is flat, 2D

12 VALUE Gradual change from light to dark. Makes objects appear round, solid, and more real. “Shading” Takes 2D to 3D Page 31

13 SPACE The distance or area around, between, within, under, above something. ------5 ways to create space 2D------ Size: Distant shapes are smaller, closer shapes larger Placement: overlap, some shapes are in front of others, and objects in front are toward bottom of picture plane Detail: Distant shapes have less detail Color: Distant shapes have dull hues Line: horizontal lines of buildings and other objects are slanted to make them appear to extend back into space

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