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2 Two Main Purposes of Visual Aids
To enhance presentation See #1

3 PowerPoints are Overdone
Follow these tips if you’re going to do them

4 Type Readable and consistent Notice how distracting this font can be
Or this Use a heading on each slide – Main Points (see above) Write phrases – not complete sentences AVOID speling, gramaticle mistaks

5 Background Keep it consistent on all slides

6 Like This Clean and simple is good

7 Avoid distracting backgrounds
Notice where your eye first goes on this slide

8 Use white space around items
Keep it on the outside Add some color to slides – but be careful Avoid annoying effects – USE SPARINGLY

9 Use Visuals to Enhance and Explain
What the heck is that? You’re thinking Let me explain

10 Charts, Graphs & Pictures
Can be very helpful to show figures etc. Pictures are also very good to illustrate a concept

11 Last but not Least - PRACTICE
Prepare your visual aid(s) in advance Practice using them in speech

12 Oral Citations Should include basic MLA information:
Author (if possible) or Title Type of source: URL if website Date of publication or access For example: “According to which I accessed on May 7, Or: “In a personal interview with Keith Vencel on May 7, 2008, he stated . . .

13 Pre-Speech Tricks Visualize EVERYTHING you will do.
Concentrate on tense part – tense even more – then relax Make funny faces (not in public) Focus on pleasant memories: beach, girlfriend/boyfriend etc. Rational approach: think of something really frightening, compare. Think of all your practice.

14 During Speech Keep handkerchief for sweat (no tissues!)
Quavering voice: lower pitch, breathe deeply speak distinctly and slowly Trembling hands: use body movement to dissipate energy. Move hands for emphasis. Pounding heart: No one knows Fumbled words: Expect them. Minor, keep going – major, fix it and acknowledge it with smile. Forgetfulness: GOOD NOTECARDS

15 Good Note cards Contain signposts – reminders of main points (transfer from outline) Large text - numbered Opening, oral citations and closing can be written out – but DON’T READ Put heading on back

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