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Adding color to your movement

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1 Adding color to your movement
Stage Business Adding color to your movement

2 What does it mean? Stage business has 2 different meanings
The business aspect of theatre = money (Actor’s Equity) Movement that an actor does to develop a full character Most of time it is the actor who comes up with stage business not the director. Sometimes the playwright will also give SB

3 Types of Stage Business
Knitting Nail Biting Reading Writing Drinking Gestures Anything that does not take to to a different area of the stage.

4 Some tips to remember with Stage Business
Try to always use your upstage hand when handling any object so your face is not blocked. If you must eat on stage eat as little as possible. When sitting on furniture do not turn your back to the audience. When turning always turn towards the audience unless the director tells you otherwise. Never back up unless the director tells you to.

5 Other movement tips Make sure all movement is both in character and motivated. Get “into” character before entering the stage (physical choices). Always cross on your own line (unless the director says otherwise) and in front of the other actor (again unless directed otherwise). Remember that movement can and will draw the audience’s attention. Do not do this if the emphasis is not “yours”.

6 Last of all Never “upstage” another actor (again unless the blocking given by the director tells you to). Upstaging (when used as a verb) is when one actor moves in such a way that it forces the other actor to turn their back to the audience. This is not only rude and unprofessional, it might cause the ensemble of the cast to suffer (if done intentionally).

7 What Stage Business do you see in this picture?

8 How about in this photo?

9 What stage business could an actor add to this type of setting?

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