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Welcome to 7 th Grade Pre-Algebra Mrs. Wells Room 304.

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1 Welcome to 7 th Grade Pre-Algebra Mrs. Wells Room 304

2 Who is Mrs. Wells? Math teacher at Mendez since 2000 Highly qualified in middle school math Loves math and numbers! Loves people/children! Uses hands-on learning when appropriate Has grown kids

3 What Will We Learn? Higher Levels of 6 th Grade Topics Order of Operations 2(3+4) 2 – 14/7 Integers (Positive and Negative Numbers) Fractions Exponents x y Solving equations 2x + 7 = 23 Percents %, Ratios, and Rates (mph)

4 What Will We Learn? New Topics Exponent Rules (x 2 y 3 )(x 4 y 5) = x 6 y 8 Solving Inequalities 2 + x > 50 Scientific Notation 3.1 x 10 7 = 31,000,000 Pythagorean Theorem a 2 + b 2 = c 2 Graphing Equations y = mx + b

5 How Will We Be Graded? Standards Grade Based on Common Assessments 5 Advanced 85% 4 Proficient 65% 3 Basic 55% 2 Below Basic 27% 1 Far Below Basic

6 How Will We Be Graded? Performance Grade Based on Teacher Assignments, Quizzes and Effort 5 Outstanding 90% 4 Above Average 79% 3 Average 65% 2 Needs Improvement 50% 1 Unsatisfactory

7 How Will We Be Graded? Citizenship Grade Based on Behavior 5 Outstanding 4 Above Average 3 Average 2 Needs Improvement 1 Unsatisfactory

8 Types of Assignments Homework! Daily, except weekends Occasional Projects or Assignments Supply Checks!! Effort in Class No Extra Credit! Make Up Absences

9 Success for All Students Be Respectful Students are Accountable for their behavior! Come to Class Prepared to learn Materials Homework Good Attitude!

10 Success for All Students Effort = Success All students must participate in class Ask Questions! Periodic Grade Reports

11 Success for All Students Must do All HW Problems: Excused with Note from Parent AND 10 minutes tutoring for each problem skipped Tutoring Available With me, after school = Test Grade Increase In library, before and after school

12 Success for All Students Goal: Every Student proficient or Advanced on STAR tests Incentive: Pizza Party for students Proficient or Advanced, or moved up one level, or met individual goal

13 Tools and Supplies – Bring Daily 2 Pencils (NO PENS!) Extra lead or pencil sharpener with lid. I do NOT have a sharpener you can use! Graph/lined paper notebook Colored Pencils – self sharpening if possible – at least three bright colors) or a small box of crayons.

14 CGP Text and Workbook Text Book at Home Workbook at School Online Resources, choose “Digital Resources” for user name enter : textbook.24 for password enter: student

15 More Procedures to Know No cell phones on 7:55 – 2:31 Restroom: Need to make up time (5 min detention), fill out agenda page, sign out If absent: Bring Re-Admit Slip Get Worksheets from Basket Make up missed work/tests

16 Homework: Parent Letter Sign and return tomorrow. Do you wear glasses? Do you have a medical condition?

17 Contact Me at Mendez If you have any questions or concerns Before or after school. By phone (please do not use voice mail) By e-mail Via Agenda

18 Thank You!!!!

19 Questions?

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