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Welcome to 7 th Grade Pre-Algebra Mrs. Wells Room 304.

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1 Welcome to 7 th Grade Pre-Algebra Mrs. Wells Room 304

2 Who is Mrs. Wells? Math teacher at Mendez since 2000 Highly qualified in middle school math Loves math and numbers! Loves people/children! Uses hands-on learning when appropriate Has grown kids

3 What Will We Learn? Higher Levels of 6 th Grade Topics Order of Operations 2(3+4) 2 – 14/7 Integers (Positive and Negative Numbers) Fractions Exponents x y Solving equations 2x + 7 = 23 Percents %, Ratios, and Rates (mph)

4 What Will We Learn? New Topics Exponent Rules (x 2 y 3 )(x 4 y 5) = x 6 y 8 Solving Inequalities 2 + x > 50 Scientific Notation 3.1 x 10 7 = 31,000,000 Pythagorean Theorem a 2 + b 2 = c 2 Graphing Equations y = mx + b

5 How Will We Be Graded? Standards Grade Based on Common Assessments 5 Advanced 85% 4 Proficient 65% 3 Basic 55% 2 Below Basic 27% 1 Far Below Basic

6 How Will We Be Graded? Performance Grade Based on Teacher Assignments, Quizzes and Effort 5 Outstanding 90% 4 Above Average 79% 3 Average 65% 2 Needs Improvement 50% 1 Unsatisfactory

7 How Will We Be Graded? Citizenship Grade Based on Behavior 5 Outstanding 4 Above Average 3 Average 2 Needs Improvement 1 Unsatisfactory

8 Types of Assignments Homework! Daily, except weekends Occasional Projects or Assignments Supply Checks!! Effort in Class No Extra Credit! Make Up Absences

9 Success for All Students Be Respectful Students are Accountable for their behavior! Come to Class Prepared to learn Materials Homework Good Attitude!

10 Success for All Students Effort = Success All students must participate in class Ask Questions! Periodic Grade Reports

11 Success for All Students Must do All HW Problems: Excused with Note from Parent AND 10 minutes tutoring for each problem skipped Tutoring Available With me, after school = Test Grade Increase In library, before and after school

12 Success for All Students Goal: Every Student proficient or Advanced on STAR tests Incentive: Pizza Party for students Proficient or Advanced, or moved up one level, or met individual goal

13 Tools and Supplies – Bring Daily 2 Pencils (NO PENS!) Extra lead or pencil sharpener with lid. I do NOT have a sharpener you can use! Graph/lined paper notebook Colored Pencils – self sharpening if possible – at least three bright colors) or a small box of crayons.

14 CGP Text and Workbook Text Book at Home Workbook at School Online Resources choose “Digital Resources” for user name enter : textbook.24 for password enter: student

15 More Procedures to Know No cell phones on 7:55 – 2:31 Restroom: Need to make up time (5 min detention), fill out agenda page, sign out If absent: Bring Re-Admit Slip Get Worksheets from Basket Make up missed work/tests

16 Homework: Parent Letter Sign and return tomorrow. Do you wear glasses? Do you have a medical condition?

17 Contact Me at Mendez If you have any questions or concerns Before or after school. By phone (please do not use voice mail) By Via Agenda

18 Thank You!!!!

19 Questions?

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