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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Created by: Kennedy Garrett and Hannah McCarty.

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1 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Created by: Kennedy Garrett and Hannah McCarty

2  Coming to you preloaded with over twenty applications, including EasyData, Cabri® Jr., and Periodic Table, and it has a USB port to connect easily to a computer as well as data collection. The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition has 2.5 times the speed and 9 times the memory of a TI-83 Plus. It gives teachers the ability to project student calculators onto a white board or smartboard. It allows all calculators to be connected to one “hub”.



5  The keyboard is divided into zones which are:  the graphing keys  advanced function keys,  scientific calculator keys  editing keys.

6  Students in Middle School and High School use the addition, subtraction, multiplication button, division button and equal/enter button most of the time.  They are located… Add Subtract Multiply Divide

7 Negative Squaring Squaring Square rooting (Click 2ed and x²) Carrot button (powers greater than two) 10­²=1 10²=100 √100=10 10^4=10,000

8 In order to make a table on the TI-84, there are a series of steps you must complete. They are: 1. Press Y= and type in your equation. 1.Press Y= 2.Type in your equation. 3.Press the Table button (in blue over the graph button)

9 This button is one of the most important when you are solving equations. The button says “X,T,e,n”. You would use it in a case to which you have a problem that looks like this: 3x+5

10  So, where can how do I purchase one of these wonderful devices?  You can purchase the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator in teacher packs of ten or just as an individual. The teacher packs comes with EZ-Spot calculators that have “school property” on the front of the calculator and an awesome back that is bright yellow!

11  =187433&title=How_to_Solve_a_System_of_Equations_Usi ng_TI_84__84 =187433&title=How_to_Solve_a_System_of_Equations_Usi ng_TI_84__84  ok.pdf ok.pdf  uctDetail/us_ti84p.html uctDetail/us_ti84p.html

12  instruments/handhelds/ti-84pse/ instruments/handhelds/ti-84pse/  an-Amortization-Table-with-a-TI-83-TI-83-TI-84-TI-84 an-Amortization-Table-with-a-TI-83-TI-83-TI-84-TI-84  Graphics done personally

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