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The mission of Shelby County Schools is to empower our diverse students to reach their full potential through an innovative educational system. Shelby.

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2 The mission of Shelby County Schools is to empower our diverse students to reach their full potential through an innovative educational system. Shelby county schools To become a model for excellence in education on the local, state, national, and international levels VisionMissionBeliefs Everyone can learn. Every learning environment will be safe, caring, healthy, and positive. All individuals will be treated with dignity and respect. All individuals will have an equal opportunity to a quality education. Our community is enriched through diversity. Community and family involvement are vital. Learning is a lifelong process. Continuous improvement is the standard for excellence.

3 Overview of the Shelby County School System 39 Schools  19 elementary and intermediate schools  17 middle and high schools  Linda Nolen Learning Center  Shelby County School of Technology  Alternative School – SCISC


5 STUDENT ENROLLMENT 394 additional students from 2009 1,040 additional students from two years ago 2009-2010 27,778 total students Elementary and Intermediate 13,214 students Middle and High 14,415 students Unique Situations 119 students 2008-2009 27,115 total students Elementary and Intermediate 12,971 students Middle and High 14,025 students Unique Situations 119 students 2010-2011 28,172 total students Elementary and Intermediate 13,108 students Middle and High 14,840 students Unique Situations 207 students




9 Free & Reduced Population 2010 Free & Reduced Population – 32% 2009 Free & Reduced Population – 31% 60% or above – 6 schools 50% or above – 5 schools 40% or above – 6 schools 35% or above – 6 schools

10 ELL Population 2010-2011  1,593 students receive ELL services  5.7% of our total population  Largest ELL population in the state  2,996 students in Shelby County Schools who use language other than English in their homes  53 languages spoken by students in our system representing 63 countries.

11 Personnel 2010-2011  2,121 professional employees  1,399 support employees  3,520 total employees  Award winning staff

12 Transportation 2010-2011  369 Bus Drivers  401 bus routes (SOT, school to school routes, shuttles, etc…)  341 buses on the road  17,638 miles covered per day  3,174,840 miles covered annually  15,713 children transported daily

13 Child Nutrition Program  A 248-member CNP Staff (213 Hold Professional Certification with School Nutrition Association)  A total of 942,732 breakfasts served annually  A total of 3,468,267 lunches served annually  $5.8 million in food and supplies purchased annually  All 20 elementary & intermediate schools received the USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge Gold Award of Distinction  HACCP Food Safety Plan implemented in each school  Facility improvements completed at Inverness Elementary & Pelham High  First online Free and Reduced Application System in the State of Alabama  Recipient of the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant Program at Elvin Hill, Montevallo, Shelby, Vincent & Wilsonville Elementary Schools  Wilsonville Elementary was named one of the healthiest schools in America by Health magazine in October 2010.  Columbiana Middle School received the USDA Best Practices Award for 2009-10 for creating a healthy school environment.

14 Capital Improvements  Additions /new wings at Valley Elementary, Thompson High School and Linda Nolen Learning Center.  Renovations/classroom additions at Chelsea High School, Meadow View Elementary, Creek View Elementary, and Pelham High School.



17  Financial records balanced and closed monthly  Monthly managerial report to the BOE  Annual Accountability Report  Every school audited once a month  System audited annually by state examiners  All records open to the public  Exemplary state audits  No major finding in audits  No money found to be missing Financial Accountability


19 Continuous School Improvement  Implemented Continuous School Improvement Process at Every School.  All schools have established School Leadership Teams that work to analyze data and determine goals for their school.  CSI leadership training has been held for local school administrators and local school leadership teams.  Goal is to unify our system and move it from “good to great.”

20  Includes 12 strategic areas –At Risk; Communication; Community Partnerships; Continuous Improvement; Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment; Facilities; Finance; Governance & Leadership; Human Resources; Professional Learning; Safety & Discipline; and Support Operations  Addresses the growing needs in our community Five-Year Strategic Plan


22 Leadership Development  Reorganized monthly principals’ meetings to include opportunities for professional learning  Implemented “turn-around” training for assistant principals  Established Shelby County Central Leaders, which meets four times per year for professional learning  Partnered with the Alabama Best Practices Center to lead sessions with Central Leaders, as well as monthly professional learning sessions with the Instructional Staff

23 Instruction  Hold the goal of providing educational excellence  Unified focus by implementing best practices and standards based instruction in all grades  Shared ownership of student work by teachers working in collaborative professional learning communities  Continue to strive to meet the individual needs of all students  Accomplishments & priorities

24 Goals 1.To provide the highest quality education and appropriate support for each student while meeting and exceeding all standards 2.To analyze and address the influences of growth proactively 3.To employ, develop, and retain highly qualified staff for all positions 4.To increase family involvement and community partnerships 5.To seek continuous improvement in all school and system departments

25 Highest graduation rate in system’s history – 93% Highest ACT scores in system’s history. For 2010, the average system composite score was 22.1; the state average was 20.3. Continued increase in standardized test scores in all schools – Test scores have continued to improve in spite of proration and other issues. As mentioned earlier, Child Nutrition Program was recognized at the national level and 20 of our schools were awarded the USDA HealthierUS Schools Gold Medal of Distinction. Shelby County Schools recognized for the past 2 years by Ala. School Connections as having the most informative and transparent website among all school districts in the state. Achieved District Accreditation from SACS/AdvancED in October 2009 and was given the Quality Achievement Award for being a model district. Accomplishments

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