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Johnny Tremain Study Guide

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1 Johnny Tremain Study Guide
By Esther Forbes

2 When did Johnny’s mother tell him to show his silver cup to Merchant Lyte?
When he had come to the end of everything.

3 2. What happened that caused Johnny to tell his life story to Rab?
The market woman had told Rab the story of her pig so Johnny knew he was a good listener.

4 3. What event caused Johnny to think that he had nothing left in this world?
Isannah screamed for him to stop touching her with his hand.

5 4. What political group did Johnny join after just a few weeks working at the Observer?
The Whigs

6 5. What did Johnny notice as he was dumping tea over the side of a ship?
Dove scooping tea into his oversized breeches.

7 6. How did Johnny stop Lieutenant Stranger from commandeering Goblin?
He and Lydia spooked the horse with a sheet.

8 7. Who told the Sons of Liberty they must fight, and maybe die, so a man can stand up?
James Otis

9 8. What happened to Pumpkin?
He was killed by a firing squad for being a deserter.

10 9. What did Lavinia Lyte say to Johnny that caused his attraction for her to fade?
She said he should call her “aunt.”

11 10. Why did Rab send Johnny to check on Grandsire and the Silsbee women?
He didn’t want Johnny there when he died.

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