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Overview of the LeGare HS Advocacy Process

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1 Overview of the LeGare HS Advocacy Process
High School Selection Overview of the LeGare HS Advocacy Process

2 What is HS Selection? All 8th grade students apply to up to 5 high schools by December 6. English Language Learners (students in ESOL) apply for high schools through a special process called LeGare.

3 What are the High Schools?
High Schools cover grades 9-12 3 Types in the School District of Philadelphia: Special Admission- 19 Schools with specific admissions criteria Citywide- 8 Schools and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs with admissions criteria Neighborhood- 23 Schools Please open to school list page of directory Special Admission High Schools (SA) These nineteen (19) high schools are “magnet schools,” each with its own set of admissions criteria related to attendance, punctuality, behavior, grades, and standardized test scores. Students citywide may apply to these special admission high schools. However, it is strongly recommended that you review the set of admissions criteria and your own scholastic record prior to applying. (Give examples). Citywide Admission High Schools (CW) These eight (8) high schools have admissions criteria, and students citywide may apply. In order to be eligible for the lottery, students must meet three of the following four criteria: 1) grades of A, B, or C on the most recent final report card; 2) no more than 10 absences; 3) no more than 5 latenesses; and 4) no negative disciplinary reports on the most recent final report card. In addition, students may have to attend an on-site interview. Please see the specific School Profiles for any additional admissions requirements, if applicable. (Give examples) CTE Programs- Career and technical education programs within the citywide schools, as well as within neighborhood schools. They have the same admissions criteria as citywide schools. (Give examples) Neighborhood High Schools (NS) Twenty-three (23) high schools have open admission to students who attend a grade eight school that is within the feeder pattern. Students from outside of the feeder pattern may apply. Admission for CTE programs, however, is based upon space availability. Some of these programs are very competitive 

4 What is LeGare? The LeGare Consent Decree (1995) mandates:
All students, including English Language Learners and students with a disability, have equal opportunities to participate in high schools and high school programs. Students may not be excluded on the of admission criteria if they can participate successfully, given reasonable accommodations. The school district had a lawsuit because kids in ESOL and special ed were not given the opportunity to apply.

5 The LeGare HS Advocacy Process
Is for Application to Special Admission, City Wide High Schools & CTE Programs Only LeGare does not cover applications to: Neighborhood High Schools Charter Schools Non Public High Schools Turn to School code page of directory to give examples- add list of schools

6 *Arts Academy at Rush- Art SA 804D *Arts Academy at Rush- Dance 804M
Program Codes School Name Type 8040 Arts Academy at Rush 804A *Arts Academy at Rush- Art SA 804D *Arts Academy at Rush- Dance 804M *Arts Academy at Rush- Instrumental Music 804R *Arts Academy at Rush- Theatre 804V *Arts Academy at Rush- Vocal Music 1010 Bartram NS 101A *Commercial Advertising Art CW 101C *Cinematography Film/Video Production 101H *Health Related Technology 101W *Web Design 2670 Constitution Point out how NS CTE programs say CW and are using the same criteria for CW schools.

7 LeGare & Special Education
All decisions concerning the accommodations and supports needed by a student with disabilities are to be made by a team of knowledgeable persons, based on the school-based Multiple Disciplinary Evaluation (MDE) of the student’s needs and abilities

8 LeGare & ELL All decisions concerning the accommodations and supports needed by an ELL student are to be made by a team of knowledgeable persons, based on the student’s English Language Development (ELD) level

9 School Based LeGare Team

10 School Based LeGare Team
Parent Special Education Point of Contact Teacher of Record Special Education Teacher ESOL Teacher Principal or Designee You are part of the school based LeGare team at your child’s current school.

11 What Does Advocacy Look Like?

12 The LeGare High School Advocacy Process
Every eighth grade student applies to High School Students with an IEP, 504/Chapter 15 Service Agreement and English Language Learners (including students who exited in the past two years) submit a LeGare Advocacy folder because it: Gives the evaluators at the high schools more information than simply the information on your child’s transcript. It allows them to consider the accommodations of students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

13 Advocacy Folder Contents
High School Application Easy IEP at a Glance or 504/Chapter 15 Service Agreement or ELL History Screen (S-21) Copy of Student Data Transcript from 7th grade Addendum Form that includes waivers Advocacy forms Letters of recommendation Supporting documentation for the waivers Essay School based team will include these documents.

14 A school CANNOT waive everything!
Advocacy Waiver The high schools require certain criteria to be accepted to the school, including grades, attendance, punctuality, behavior, and PSSA scores. If your child does not meet one of the necessary criteria, yet he or she would still be successful in the school with reasonable accommodations and services, you should request a waiver. Discuss with your child’s school the reason the criteria should be waived, and if it is a valid reason, it will be placed on a form and put in the advocacy folder. Documentation must accompany the waiver. A school CANNOT waive everything!

15 Areas of Advocacy: Examples
Attendance: student was absent for 30 consecutive days because he/she was hospitalized Punctuality: student is taking a new medication that causes nausea and vomiting. Student comes to school late rather than missing the entire day Grades: student’s reading and/or math grades are not based on accommodations (i.e.: IEP Goals or Can Do Descriptors (ELL)) Behavior: Student was new to country and experienced cultural differences, behavior has now improved. Standardized Test Scores: ELL student’s English language proficiency affected the PSSA reading score Other: Student did not attend school in the US, so please see attached transcript. Attendance: a waiver is not appropriate if your child is kept home from school for interpreting for family members Punctuality: a waiver is not appropriate if they are responsible for bringing siblings to school. Grades: ensure your child’s grades were based on accommodation, and not their lack of english – the Can Do descriptors explain modifications they should get depending on their language (SHOW CAN-DO)proficiency level. If you have a 6th grade transcript with all As from your country, and your child’s grades are not very good in 7th in Phila, include that transcript. Behavior: give example of student who brought blade to school to sharpen pencil

16 Student Essay Students should write an essay to each of the high schools they are applying to that explains: Who Am I? What do I Want to Get Out of My High School Experience? What I Can Contribute to the School? Schools that require essays Central (601) Bodine (515) Constitution (262) Palumbo (262) Carver Engineering &Science (403) Please ensure your child is working on their essay and share it with their teachers to edit and revise it.

17 Letters of Recommendation
Encourage your child to ask for recommendations from 7th and 8th grade teachers, community and faith based leaders who: Know them Will write positively about the type of person they are and their strengths Can show why the student would be a good fit for the specific school

18 Supplemental Information

19 Statement of Non-Participation
If you and your child decide ONLY to apply to a neighborhood high school, charter school, or non-district high school, you (the parent) must fill out the Statement of Non-Participation of the LeGare Process This is indicating that you only want your child to go to the neighborhood school. This does not apply to CTE programs. If you are interested in your child applying to the CTE programs in your neighborhood school, they will participate in the LeGare process.

20 Interviews & Auditions
Some schools require an interview and/or audition as part of their application process. Both parent & school based team should contact each high school to confirm or schedule an audition and/or interview. Please note: For Science Leadership Academy, the parent MUST contact school to schedule interview School’s will send a letter to your home indicating an audition or interview time. Ensure your child attends. This process will end in January.

21 These schools require auditions and/or interviews:
Constitution-interview Dobbins-interview Randolph-interview South Philadelphia- interview Fels- audition for arts program School of the Future- interview Mastbaum- interview Robeson- interview Constitution-interview Dobbins-interviews Randolph-interviews South Philadephia- interviews Fels- audition for arts programs School of the Future- interviews Mastbaum- interviews Robeson- interviews Philadelphia Military Academy- interview Swenson- interviews Rush- autitions CAPA – auditions FLC- auditions SLA - interviews GAMP- auditions Movitvation- interviews There may be others, you will be contacted.

22 Philadelphia Military Academy- interview
Swenson- interviews Rush- auditions CAPA – auditions FLC- auditions SLA - interviews GAMP- auditions Motivation- interviews

23 Parent Duties Attend the High School Fair with your child
Explore your high school options, including district, magnet, charter, and private schools.  When: Saturday, November 16, 9 am - 5 pm Where: Drexel University's Armory, 33rd and Market   Why: Learn about academic and special programs, extracurriculars, admissions criteria, how to apply, and more Bring interpreter if possible- this is done by outside agencies and we don’t know if there will be interpreters provided.

24 Parent Duties Meet with the school team:
for assistance with the HS application process To ensure report card grades are aligned with your child’s English Language Proficiency level Discuss possible waivers of criteria Request oral interpretation and written translation

25 Parent Duties (continued)
Select up to 5 High Schools and/or CTE programs Fill out school application with school/program names and codes written clearly no later than December 6 Encourage your child to get letters of recommendations

26 Impartial Review Special Education or English Language Learners are eligible for another review of their application if they have not been accepted to any of the high schools he/she applied to. The application and advocacy packet will be reviewed by a new team of impartial evaluators at the district office. They will determine if your child will be successful at the high school. Your child may be accepted into a high school if they qualify and there is space at the school. This process happens in the spring, and you will be notified by mail of the impartial review decision.

27 Review of application process

28 Decisions- Yes, no, or no space
Application and Advocacy Packet are completed at current school, then sent to the high schools in December. High Schools review the applications, make a decision, and letters are mailed home indicating that decision in April. If student was not accepted into any school, he or she will participate in Impartial Review. Decisions will be mailed home. Decisions- Yes, no, or no space

29 Points of Contact If you have any questions, contact your LeGare School Based Team. For further help you may 29

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