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Twice as Simple to Sell S2-6046 For Agent Use Only Introducing.

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1 Twice as Simple to Sell S For Agent Use Only Introducing

2 Target: Baby Boomers The New LTC Market 79 Million, Educated, Planning for Retirement Desire to be Independent Cash for Lifestyle Assurance should Life Change on a Dime The Simplicity Concept

3 Why Cash? Provides Maximum Flexibility for Funding Care Care Choice not Managed Care Best Option for the Future Pre-Paid Monthly Cash Benefit No Proof of Service or Receipts! Simply Ask For a Check! The Simplicity Concept

4 Why Cash? All Wheel Drive for the changing terrain of LTC – Guaranteed Benefits Covers New Treatments, Technology for Prolonging Independence The Simplicity Concept

5 Highest Rated Product 91 Prudential Cash78 Allianz Generation Protector65 MetLife Ideal 273 John Hancock Leading Edge59 Custom Care Two66 Simplicity Stands Tall among the Competition

6 INTRODUCING The Improved Simplicity

7 Why Simplicity ii True Consumer Value Enables a Simpler Sales Process Bring back Lost Producers Attract New Producers/Entities Quality & Value

8 Why Simplicity ii True Consumer Value Cash = Maximum Flexibility 100% Benefits Paid – Guaranteed!! CareDirections Family Advice & Advocacy Program sm Sell Value

9 Here Comes Simplicity ii When: First Introduction Date : April 2, 2007 AK, AL, CO, CT, IA, ID, MI, ND, OK, SC, SD, WY and DC/DC TRUST NJ Second Introduction Date: May 1, 2007 AZ, GA, IN, KY, LA, ME, NE, NH, NM, NY,OH, PA Third Introduction Date: June 1, 2007 AR, DE, IL, KS, NV, VA, WI, WV Simplicity cease sale 60 days after Simplicity ii roll-out

10 Cash Benefit Account Cash Benefit Account (face amount). $100,000, $200,000, $300,000, $500,000 & $1 million. Easy to Explain Builds with Inflation Option No Durations, No Complicated Formula! The New Simplicity

11 Monthly Cash Benefit The amount that will be paid in a single month. Pre-Paid, no proof required Specific Monthly Cash Benefit options for each Cash Benefit Account chosen at the time of application. Use for HHC or FC Rightsized based on industry experience What the Customer Wants

12 The Simplicity Monthly CASH Benefit Options

13 Buying LTC insurance isnt as complicated and mind-boggling as I thought! Its so easy to make a decision and know what coverage Ill have! My premium represents good value.

14 Duration Payment Lifetime 10 Pay Pd Lifetime 10 Pay Pd 65 HHC Options 60%, 80%, 100% Home Health Care Benefit plus optional enhanced Facility Care Inflation None 5% Simple 5% Compound - 2X Max 5% Compound - No Max None 5% Simple 5% Compound - 2X Max 5% Compound - No Max 3% Compound - No Max MMB $12K Community or Facility $12K Monthly Cash Benefit (HC/FC) $16K Enhanced Facility Benefit 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, L Cash Benefit Account $100K, 200K, 300K, 500K, 1M SimplicitySimplicity ii The Simplicity Improvements

15 Value Added Programs ~ Care Scout ~ Script Save Not Included Simplicity Simplicity ii Exclusions Subrogation Clause Simplified Application APS & FTF Required Discounts Rate Classes Employer Program Included NoneAct of war Not IncludedIncluded Not Available Available to age 71 for $100K and $200K plans > age 75> age 72 CapNo Cap 3 2 Spouses are fully underwritten Actively at work Spouses have Simplified Underwriting The Simplicity Improvements

16 Enhanced Facility Benefit Option increases Monthly Cash Benefit for Facility Care 33% increase in benefit for 10% premium increase Available on all Cash Benefit Accounts Turn The Sale Around

17 New Rate Classes Preferred – 10% Discount Standard Previous Class Three Conditions are Now Considered Under Standard Class NEW Underwriting Enhancement

18 Discounts *Care Partner Discount: 20% Savings if One Purchases 40% Savings if Both Purchase and are Accepted PLUS 10% Preferred Health Discount PLUS 10% Affiliation or Employer Program Discount The Simplicity Improvements (NO CAP) * Varies by State

19 Inflation Options None 5% Simple 5% Compound 2X Max 5% Compound No Max 3% Compound No Max (Partnership Ready) The Simplicity Improvements (New Option)

20 NEW! MedAmericas National Cost Survey on Home Care Provides The Agent with the Basis for Right-Sized Benefit Design NEW SOFTWARE TOOL

21 MedAmericas National HHC Cost Data Conducted by CareScout exclusively for MedAmerica A Major Software Enhancement Turn the Sale Around and approach clients with what they desire –REMAIN at HOME Sell to the Buyers Desire

22 Cost of Care Study 1,800 home health care providers were surveyed across 79 geographic regions of the U.S. Data collected on: –Hourly, private pay rates charged by licensed agencies for home health aide. Data on homemaker services was also collected (only private pay rates were used, no Medicare or Medicaid rates were used.) Minimum, maximum and average hourly rates studied Providing the Agent with New Tools

23 Cost of Care Key Findings Findings consistent with other studies including LifePlans analysis of formal and informal care giving in the community. National average for a Home Health Aide was $19.07 (50% above or below) People using non-medical home care services use between 22 & 44 hours of home care per week ($22-$44K annual) Providing the Agent with New Tools

24 Guaranteed Cash - All Wheel Drive for the changing terrain of LTC service delivery. Pay for Emerging Technology Any Service Covered even if provided by by Spouse or Non-Licensed Provider 100% Worldwide Benefits Agent is not put in the Position to Explain Why Expenses are not Covered The Simplicity Advantage

25 Individualized Care Services and Support Care choice, not managed care CareDirections Family Advice & Advocacy Program SM – CareScout, ScriptSave Personal Care Advisors - Independent care plan and support The Simplicity Advantage

26 How to Design Simplicity ii The Simplicity Advantage For Maximum Value

27 Simplicity ii Value Design # 1

28 Simplicity ii Value Design # 2

29 Simplicity ii Value Design # 3

30 Simplicity ii Value Design # 4

31 Simplicity ii VALUE Good Things to Know

32 Simplicity ii VALUE Good Things to Know

33 Employer Program Simplified Underwriting: During open enrollment Actively-at-work employees Actively-at-work spouses (30+hours/week) Age 71 or younger Website enrollment – a MedAmerica 1st Join the National Growth in EP Sales

34 Employer Program Special Care Partner rates, plus 10% discount Minimum participation: 10 EEs pass 4 questions Best World-wide Coverage (100%) Join the National Growth in EP Sales

35 Twice as Simple to Sell Everybody Understands & Needs CASH! New Face Amount Concept Targeted to Baby Boomers - Relevant Today MedAmericas National HHC Cost Data – NEW! Speed App – 4 Questions! NEW! Partnership Ready NEW! Robust Multi-Life Program - Enchanced Employer Program Why Sell #1 LTC Product

36 Simplicity ii Launch Kit Tools to Sell #1 LTC Product

37 Twice as Simple to Sell

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