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U.S. History Mrs. Hartman. Credits:  Credits should be earned every 2-3 weeks  Always subject to change by me  Assignments will be given daily  Keep.

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1 U.S. History Mrs. Hartman

2 Credits:  Credits should be earned every 2-3 weeks  Always subject to change by me  Assignments will be given daily  Keep up, you should be OK  Tests will be given at the end of each credit  Sometimes projects, or other assessments will be given to you in order to receive your credit

3 Rules:  NO FOOD OR DRINKS  Bottled water OK  NO CELL PHONES PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If it’s out & I take it, it’s your fault! Referral!  In your seats when bell rings  When the bell rings, it’s my time  Respect  When I am speaking, you are quiet  When another student is speaking be respectful to them, I take this very seriously!

4 Rules (cont…)  Gum chewing  NOT ALLOWED IN MY CLASSROOM!!  PLEASE USE THE TRASH CAN BY THE DOOR ON YOUR WAY IN!!  Hats – Beanies - Hoods  Absolutely NO HATS, BEANIES or HOODS may be worn in my classroom….I’m “old school!”  Please take it off upon entering my classroom No Headphones!! No I Pods!! No Cell Phones!!  This is a School Rule: They will be confiscated if I see OR hear them!

5 Classroom:  Expectations  Please put books and credit packets away under correct desk number  Please do not leave trash on the floor, clean up after yourselves!  When I am gone all rules still apply!  When I have a sub, you MUST be on your best behavior, or face the consequences when you return!  MY DESK AND DESK AREA ARE OFF LIMITS to students (except my TA’s), DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM MY DESK WITHOUT ASKING!

6 How the Class Works:  White Boards  Left Board is U.S. History:  Left Side of Left Board: Daily Agenda  Middle: Standard for current credit  Right Side of Left Board: Credit Assignments  You will need to TITLE, DATE and NUMBER each writing assignment! All three labels are crucial when turning in a credit!

7 How the Class Works (cont.) :  You NEED to label your work so I know what is what when you turn in your packets!  NAME & DAT E ON PAPERS / ASSIGNMENT TITLE / ASSIGNMENT #  THERE WILL BE NO SLEEPING IN MY CLASS! SLEEP IN MY CLASS = AUTOMATIC REFERRAL!!

8 Paper:  We are very low on paper!  Translation: DO NOT WASTE MY PAPER!!  We will do all our assignments on lined paper  If I am kind enough to give you a worksheet, you get ONE and ONE ONLY!!! DON’T WASTE IT!!!  Label EVERYTHING! Put your name, date, assignment title and # on every assignment!  This will benefit both of us!

9 Assignments:  There will be a variety of assignments:  Book Work  Worksheets  Video Assignments  Internet/Computer Assignments  Projects  Group work  Etc….  Some Lecture We will correct each assignment as a class, you will then receive a DATE STAMP on the assignment and a DATE STAMP on your cover sheet! This means you are current on your assignment!! Crucial to turning in your credit!!

10 Answering Questions:  2 ways (the only 2 ways I will accept)  Complete sentences  Write out the questions and then just answer the question (not a complete sentence)  Example of a Complete Sentence :  Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the year 1945.  Example of Question/Answer sentences:  Question: What year did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?  Answer: Hitler committed suicide in 1945.

11 Tests:  You need a 70% to pass  You can use your assignments, for that credit, on your tests!  The better you do on the assignments, the easier the tests will be for you  So, pay attention on your assignments, try to learn something, and always do your best on your assignments!

12 Tests (cont…)  You get 2 chances to pass your test, MUST SCORE A 70%!  The second time you take your test, you will go back and fix the questions you missed  If you do not pass after 2 times, you will have to do one of the following:  Another test, project, or an essay  Teachers discretion!  This will have to be made up during your lunch times (as many lunches as necessary)

13 Tests (cont…)  Your credit will be due on the day of the test!  Be prepared! If you are missing assignments, that means you have not been working in my class……..CONSEQUENCES!!! (LUNCH DETENTION with me or possible ALC)  If you have missing assignments, you will not be allowed to take your test, until those missing assignments have been completed and corrected!  Any make-up tests will be taken during YOUR lunch!!

14 New Grading Policy:  This year all teachers will implement a grading policy to give students opportunities to earn A’s and B’s  In this class, your on time assignments and your test scores will be averaged  These averaged grades will be what you will earn  70% = C  80% = B  90% = A

15 Credit Packets:  CREDITS ARE DUE ON DAY OF CREDIT TEST! What is a credit packet?  It is all the work you have done for that credit, stapled with the cover page on top. Packet MUST BE IN ORDER, or you will get it back to arrange correctly.  If the credit packet is not done when we take the test, you will stay in during your lunches, until you finish all missing work and your test  When you finish your test, pass it, turn in your completed credit packet (in order) you will receive your credit within 1 to 2 days

16 Credit Packets (cont…)  You can also choose to take your incomplete credit packet home for YOUR HOMEWORK!  We will be moving on to the next credit the following school day, you will move on too!!  New assignments for the following credit will be given to you; you will be responsible for that  I may give you an “Independent Work Day” prior to the test to finish any incomplete assignments  Most of the time, not always, don’t count on this day! Just follow along with the class, do what is EXPECTED so you won’t run into the problem of not being prepared to turn in a credit!!

17 Credit Cover Sheet U.S. History Directions: Fill out the progress sheet as you complete assignments so that you and I may keep track of your completion of credits. Credit # _____ Standard # ___ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Assignment # 1 Name of Assignment: For Example: Study Guide Ch. 1 Section 1 This sheet will be stapled to the front of every credit packet that you turn in. The assignments must be in order when you turn them in. Learning Goal: (Write the standard in a way that you understand) _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

18 Cheating & Plagiarism:  If you are caught plagiarizing, the paper or project WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  You will have to re-do the project/paper, or do another assignment AT MY DISCRETION  If you are caught copying/cheating (from another student) papers will be taken from you BOTH, they will be thrown away and further action will be taken.  DON’T CHEAT, IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!

19 Credit Cover Sheets:  You will be expected to put your work in order…Assignment #1 to __ (each credit has a different number of assignments)  You will place all Assignments in order in your credit packet! Organization is the KEY TO SUCCESS!!!!  By placing all Assignments in order, you will make me very happy, and you will NOT get it back to fix!

20 Other Notes:  You will spell everything out on your assignments  No text spelling, no abbreviations  You can borrow pencils from me, but I expect them back  DO NOT TAKE MY PENCILS OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!!!!!

21 Seating:  As you are aware, I have assigned seating on 1 st day of school. It will be my choice to move you if you make me move you!  Here are some reasons for seating changes:  Not working  Talking too much  Disruptive  Etc…. *** I also reserve the right to request a schedule change, if you cannot handle being in this class!

22 Homework:  There is no regular homework given in this class  Daily assignments, that are not complete, will be your responsibility to complete either at your lunch time or at home, and therefore be considered YOUR HOMEWORK  Credit packets that are not finished, will be automatic homework, and you will not receive that credit

23 Taking home U.S. books OR CDs:  You will check out books from me  You MAY NOT check out a U.S. History book from another teacher, a sub, or Gina  Do not have the proctor or an administrator open the room for a book, it will not be allowed!  Books will be returned when I am in the classroom!  You lose one or damage one YOU WILL BE BILLED $90.00

24 Testing (Benchmarks/CST’s):  Benchmarks are given 3 different times throughout the year: Nov., Feb., April  CST’s –Given in May  Benefits for doing well on Benchmarks:  You will be able to receive 1 History Credit for passing each Benchmark! (70% or better)  That could be 3 U.S. Credits for passing all 3 Benchmarks!!  Doing well and passing Benchmarks will allow you to finish this class much quicker!!

25 Discipline:  “Classroom Rules” will be NO DIFFERENT than “School Rules and Expectations” as seen in the Ed Jones Educational Center’s Parent - Student Handbook  Please follow all Class and School Rules  The following steps will be taken if you are unable to follow and abide by the school rules:

26  Infraction # 1 – Documentation in Student Behavioral Record  Infraction # 2 – Phone call or email home to Parent or Guardian  Infraction # 3 – Seating Change  Infraction # 4 - Lunch Detention or After School Detention with me in Room 8  All Additional Infractions – Disciplinary Referral to Administration Discipline continued:

27 Keep Up With Me!! Do your Daily Assignments!  When we go over the assignments, that is your time to make ACCURATE CORRECTIONS!!!  Pass Credit Tests – 70% or better  You’ve got 2 chances to pass your tests!  You will make it much more difficult on yourself if you do not keep up with me!!  Could finish US History sooner, if you do well on your 3 Benchmarks!!

28 Listening:  When the bell rings, you are to be quietly in your seat  Once the bell rings you are on my time  This means: WHEN I SPEAK, YOU ARE QUIET AND YOU ARE LISTENING!  If there is something you are having difficulty with, please ask me!!  I am always here to help you!!

29 Last 4-6 weeks:  Some of you will be done by Spring Break, or shortly after: If you are finished, you have earned it!  If a schedule change is not possible, this class will be a “study hall” for you  You will need to bring materials from another class to work on, you and I will arrange it  This will allow you to finish any work you might have to make up in other classes

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