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Thank you for your support of the Outdoor Education Program.

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2 Thank you for your support of the Outdoor Education Program.

3 Outdoor Education Director: Michelle Waiter

4 34 th Year for Outdoor Ed Our program has been the model used by over a half-dozen programs functioning in PA and NJ My 12 th year as director: Mrs. Waiter = 14 years at PAMS as a School Counselor and involved with Outdoor Education All OE forms and information is available on my webpage through the district website.

5 What to expect tonight: 1. PowerPoint Presentation along with explanation 2. Outdoor Education Video 3. Small group or individual Q/A

6 Support of the Program The majority of graduating seniors recall this program as one of the best experiences they’ve had in the school district 22 different staff members are involved including both the principal and assistant principal Each principal comes to camp as administrative support; assist with evening recreation and other staff duties Superintendent and school board members - come to camp and support it financially

7 Two Teams: Team Topaz Tigers – May 12 – 16 Team Thunder Cats – May 19- 23 34 th year of the Palmyra Outdoor Education Program

8 Student Activities Fall field trip Outdoor Ed patch contest Cooperative learning 4 C’s (cooperative, conscientious, considerate, courteous) Camp orientation – 5 days prior to camp week 5 Day camp week in May

9 Outdoor Ed Objectives Use an interdisciplinary approach Have a special atmosphere - 4 C’s (conscientious, courteous, considerate, cooperative) Learn in an outside classroom Learn by working together Work with teachers outside the classroom

10 There are 15 different classes at Outdoor Ed. They range in length from 50 to 150 minutes. All students participate in all classes during their 5-day stay at Camp Swatara.

11 Outdoor Ed Classes Pick-a-Plot ASE’s Hooks and Ladders Square Dance Stream Study Geology Star Lab Nature Observation Reflection/Expression Survival Orienteering Music Watersheds Adventure Course Creative Writing

12 Structured Recreation Boating on the lake Hiking to the rock pile Miniature golf Frisbee golf WNot co-ed

13 Evening Recreation Gaga ball Volleyball Kickball  Co-ed with the counselors

14 Evening Group Activities Skit/banner work sessions - cabin time Mini-campfire Square dance Movie Skit show Closing campfire

15 Outdoor Ed Master Schedule Outdoor Ed sample daily schedule

16 Master Schedule

17 Tuesday schedule

18 Clothing and Equipment List Given to you with fall field trip papers - (yellow) – all OE paperwork and information is available on my webpage

19 Important Dates to Remember!! Please mark these dates on your calendar at home! Given to you with fall field trip papers - (orange) all OE paperwork and information is available on my webpage

20 Your Help is Needed!!! Payment and permission slip (handed out Dec 6; due – Jan 17 th regardless of team) Health form - medications and allergies (handed out March 3 rd ; due March 10 th regardless of team) Behavior contract and $3.00 snack money (Tigers handed out May 5 th, due May 8 th ; Thunder Cats handed out May 12 th, due May 15th )

21 Food Three nutritionally balanced meals a day served by the Camp Swatara kitchen staff Evening snack Special accommodations will be made for students with food allergies or vegetarian diets (please indicate specifics on health form)

22 Cost $100 per camper Due Friday, January 17, 2014 (unless arrangements are made prior to January 17 th ) Actual cost is about $159.25 per camper of which the district picks up about 1/3 Reduced lunch = 1/2 the cost = $50 Free lunch = no charge Should you find yourself in a difficult money situation, please call or email me and make arrangements for payment

23 Outdoor Ed - “ Fear ”

24 NO students are permitted to leave camp Exceptions: Family emergencies (death, severe illness, etc) Student illness/injury Note: Students are not permitted to leave camp for events such as appointments, dance recitals/practice, sports practice, scouts, etc.)

25 Behavior Inappropriate/questionable behavior will not be tolerated Your help in emphasizing appropriate behavior would be appreciated A student demonstrating unacceptable/questionable behavior(s) may be sent home; parents will be called to come pick up their child A behavior contract must be signed by both students and parents (handed out May 5 th and due May 8 th – Tigers; May 12 th and due May 15 th Thunder Cats)

26 This decision will be made based on discussions between the Outdoor Education Director and the School Administration A copy of the behavior contract is available to view ahead of time by going to the OE link under the Middle School on our website Behavior continued

27 Outdoor Ed Video


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