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2 2 FO specialist, special FO cables, global markets FO sensor specialist, R&D in optics, CEE markets Civil engineering and geotechnical measurements, CEE markets Fibre Optics Sensor Application global markets, professional solution, engineering, financing ASTEL 2012, Sheraton Sofia, 10th April 2012

3 3 WHO WE ARE Private engineering and trade company focused on fibre optic sensor applications Fibre optic specialists bringing new optical ideas and solutions to various markets, industrial fields and projects New name with new ideas, based on more then 30 years of fibre optic experiences OUR VISION To be a leading worldwide supplier of the industrial solutions based on fibre optic sensor application, R&D, engineering and consulting centre and reliable partner for all our customers.

4 4 Proffesional solutions based on many years on our experiences with FO sensors State of art technology combining our experiences and best products and solutions you can find on the world market Data collection from online monitoring systems anywhere for our customers and deliveries of data in form according customer requirements Financing of proposed solution from investment point of view and invoicing customers for regular monthly fees - for data delivery

5 5

6 6 According field of application Power industry Gas, water, steam, oil pipelines Civil engineering - SHM, geotechnical applications Telecommunication Process monitoring Railway applications According spacing Point sensors Semi-distributed sensors Distributed sensors According used technology FBG sensors Raman OTDR Brillouin OTDR Interferometric sensors Other principles According what we can monitor

7 7 Temperature Mechanical strain – static / dynamic Deformation Pore pressure Load pressure Displacement Vibration Sound Current Oxygen Perimeter security solutions

8 8 FBG temperature sensorsPasive SM fibre FBG strain sensors Pasive SM fibre Point temperature and strain sensors in chains connected to reading unit create semi-distributed solution FBG reading unit

9 9 Splice box FBG sensors Passive fibre SM FBG sensors Railway station FBGuard unit

10 10 FBGuard unit Passive fibre SM Splice box FBG sensors

11 11

12 12 FBG sensor can be installed before wet concrete is applied, therefore you can monitor concrete during its setting and presstresing, during load tests etc

13 Splice box FBG sensors Passive fibre FBG sensors FBGuard unit 13 CHALLENGE Protect, reinforce and monitor masonry structures against natural disasters, ageing … POLY fields – Hilton Sofia- Sept.2011

14 14 Basic principle similar to radar Monitoring of temperature profile along the optical fibre up to 30 km t Detected signal Echo

15 15 DTS unit Pasive fibreActive- sensor fibre HV Cable Optimalization of cable loading Monitoring of cable aging Monitoring of temperature limits in different zones Immediate hot spot localization Ventilation and cooling control in tunnels Better planning of maintainance

16 16 position temperature Heat leak

17 17

18 18 Monitoring of deformation profile along the optical fibre up to 30 km Pasive SM fibre DTSS unit Active sensor fibre Tunnel Connection box

19 19 The sensor cable is deployed as an intrusion detection barrier along a site perimeter The sensor cable can also be buried covertly in Gravel Sand Sod Other factory approved media Common barriers: chain link fences, ornamental fences, anti-climb fences, walls, rooftops, walls ceilings. The APU can be located up to 20 Km from sensor cable

20 20 Unique fibre optic system for noise detection along the fibre. Consist from two elements – optical fibre and the reading unit. An acoustic signal is recorded for each metre along the fibre. The system can detect the position of an event Can distinguish separate events more than two metres apart.

21 21 maximum fibre length50 km maximum spatial resolution ( 15 km )1 m maximum spatial resolution ( 50 km )5 m minimum separation of two events+/-2 m maximum signal bandwidth10 kHz detection distance from footsteps15 m detection distance from vehicle40 m APPLICATION cable theft rock falls instrusion detection system other security applications speed, direction and position of trains

22 22 Completely passive sensor, no electrical parts Absolute EMI/RFI immunity Exceptionally low noise density Frequency up to 330 Hz Standard analog output Small, lightweight design High reliability and environmental stability Plug-and-play system Single or dual axis fiber optic accelerometers for remote monitoring of vibration in one or two orthogonal directions APPLICATIONS End-winding vibration monitoring HV and power application RF areas Nuclear facilities

23 23 measurement of partial pressure of O2 measurement in gas ( 0-100% ) and in liquid ( 0-40 ppm ) no oxygen consumption during measurement resolution 0,05%, accuracy 5% measurement time 1 s in gas, 45 s in solution

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