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1 Handhelds in Education Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

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1 1 Handhelds in Education Newport-Mesa Unified School District

2 Palm Project Enhancing Education Through Technology Competitive Grant - $750,000 over 2 yrs. 1,000 handheld computers and keyboards At 2 middle schools

3 Target Groups TeWinkle Middle School All 6th grade students Ensign Intermediate School All 7th grade students Year One English and Social Studies teachers Year Two: Math and Science teachers also

4 Project Vision Handheld computers will be used to expand access to technology for teaching and learning. Laptops and multimedia resources will also be used to foster rich project-based learning. Focus of project will be on building academic literacy.

5 Project Goals Increase student access and use of technology as a tool for learning (especially in reading and writing) Increase teacher technology use as a tool for teaching Increase home-school communications and community involvement

6 Why Handhelds Handhelds are powerful computers! (They are not just organizers.) Low cost Mobility Educational benefits Goal: 1 to 1 student to computer ratio… Anywhere Anytime Learning

7 Students can: Write a story Make a graph Take a quiz Watch a video Use flashcards to study Read a book Practice math problems Parents can: Look at students’ work Read a progress report Look at homework Write a note to the teacher Do a family writing activity together

8 Student Handheld System

9 Handheld Tungsten ‘E’

10 Keyboard System Closed

11 Keyboard Open

12 Handheld with Keyboard

13 AC Adapter

14 Syncing cable - USB

15 Connecting AC and USB

16 Software LearnStar eBooks Web content Study tools Writing tools Electronic portfolios

17 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Students are expected to use a handheld computer… efficiently, ethically, and legally. appropriately and tastefully. for intellectual and scholarly pursuits. Students are expected to honor copyrights when using a handheld computer. Students are expected to maintain academic honesty when using a handheld computer. Students are expected to carry and use a handheld computer with care.

18 Handheld Concerns Damage Loss Theft Appropriate use (game playing, beaming) Battery life Technical support

19 Charging before deployment

20 Tungstens in their leather cases

21 Student helpers

22 Orientation

23 Student Exploration

24 Student Exploration

25 More training....

26 Successes 900 students & 102 teachers with handhelds Keyboards and student writing Palm Application & Archive Manager (PAAM) FreeWrite, PicoMap, Sketchy, & FlingIt (HLE) Inclusion of ELD and SDC Higher interest in handhelds Higher interest in tech-based staff-development Converts and surprises Good Press

27 Lessons Learned Desktop software Existing network infrastructure Technical support Peripherals Logistics and scheduling (incl. training) Human resources School culture Administrative support Games

28 Sustainability How do we institutionalize this? Where do we find funding for future maintenance, replacement, staff development, and support? What do these devices replace? How do these fit into the big picture? What is the next step?

29 Media interest

30 Register, Daily Pilot, LA Times

31 Project Team Steven Glyer, Director Educational Technology, Newport-Mesa USD Mark Wagner, Tech Coordinator, Orange County Department of Education Karen Fasimpaur, K12 Handhelds Kristina Ho-Ruan, Tech Coordinator, Orange County Department of Education Cheri Sheldon, Ed Tech Coordinator – Secondary, Newport-Mesa USD

32 Newport-Mesa Unified School District Steven Glyer Director of Educational Technology 2985 Bear Street Costa Mesa, CA 92662 714-424-5042

33 Questions?

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