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BASICS – click, watch and repeat

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1 BASICS – click, watch and repeat
aider = to help assister à = to attend bronzer = to tan chercher = to look for laver = to wash nager = to swim nettoyer = to clean BASICS – click, watch and repeat passer = to spend time ranger = to rearrange, to pick up rencontrer = to meet rentrer = to return, to come back home rester = to stay voyager = to travel

2 Watch this video and complete below:
INFINITIVE : parler to speak STEM : parl- (take off the “er”, add the ending) endings: I je parl_____ I speak. I am speaking. I do speak. -e you (familiar) tu You speak. You are speaking. You do speak. -es he / she / (one, we, let’s) il / elle / on He / She / One speaks. He / She / One is speaking. He / She / One does speak. we nous We speak. We are speaking. We do speak. -ons you (plural or polite) vous -ez they ils / elles They speak. They are speaking. They do speak. -ent

3 Watch Coffee Break French and answer the questions:
What does “parler” mean? ______________ What does “je parle” mean? _____________ Which word is used when talking about a boy and a girl together as “they”? ____________ What do you think “conjugate” means? _________________________________

4 Oh you –er, huh? Frère Jacques tune
Sing the endings with these 2 songs… Frère Jacques tune

5 What is conjugation!!??!! (puzzle pieces)
Each form has a _______________________. Take off the ______ ______. Add: ______ (for je) ______ (for nous) ______ (for tu) ______ (for vous) ______ (for il/elle) ______ (for ils/elles) This pattern only works for __________ tense verbs that end in ___ ___.

6 more on how to conjugate…
conjugating means: “modifying a ________ to go with a __________” do we conjugate in English? yes / no are there irregular conjugations in English? yes / no what are “-er” verbs? ________________________ why does “je aime” become “j’aime”? ____________________________________________ which pronouns make up the “boot”? ______, _______, ______/______, ______/______

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