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Chemistry West Lafayette High School Mr. Peter von Werder

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1 Chemistry West Lafayette High School Mr. Peter von Werder 2006-2007

2 Mr. Peter von Werder 17.5 years teaching experience
Beginning my 8th year at West Lafayette HS Currently I teach: Chemistry I Chemistry I Honors Chemistry II (AP) B.S. Chemistry - Valparaiso University M.S. Science Education – Purdue University Married with four children

3 Topics (Chemistry I) Tools of Chemistry Atomic and Molecular Structure
Measurement, Problem solving Classification of matter, Basic thermochemistry Atomic and Molecular Structure Composition and structure of the atom Nuclear chemistry Periodicity; oxidation/reduction Chemical Bonding; organic chemistry Language of chemistry; the mole concept Chemical reactions and stoichiometry

4 Topics (Chemistry I) cont.
State of Matter Physical properties of gases Condensed states of matter Solution Chemistry Chemistry of aqueous solutions Chemical equilibria Electrochemistry

5 In Class Activities Lecture Discussion Problem solving
Individual and Group Work Labs, reports Quizzes, tests Demonstrations

6 Homework Reading Comprehension Problem solving / skills practice
WebAssign (new this year) Study for quizzes / tests Lab analysis / reports Long term projects Element poster Perform and explain a demonstration

7 Quizzes and Tests Quizzes Tests Occur about once a week
Usually 1-3 questions/problems Tests Multiple choice component Short answer / problem component

8 Help for Students Encourage the students to seek help from me at the onset of difficulty; ask questions in class Students can arrange a help session with me during lunch, after school, … Review materials posted to web site Check with Guidance for in-school tutors (NHS, Beering Scholars from Purdue) Investigate on-line resources Chem I Chem I, H

9 Contacting Mr. von Werder
Voice mail: Ext. 440 Best time to call to speak with me directly: Second period: 9:03 – 9:53 am After school: 3:30 – 4:00 pm

10 Special Projects new this year:
WebAssign – electronic homework delivery system Science Express; Purdue chemistry outreach Instrumentation (GC, Spec, FTIR, probes, N2(l)…) Science Olympiad; academic competition 23 events in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth Science Grant funded projects/labs: Nuclear decay (WL Parent council, Lilly) States of Matter (Lilly) Emission spectra (Lilly)

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