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Chemistry West Lafayette High School Mr. Peter von Werder 2006-2007

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1 Chemistry West Lafayette High School Mr. Peter von Werder 2006-2007

2 Mr. Peter von Werder 17.5 years teaching experience Beginning my 8th year at West Lafayette HS Currently I teach: Chemistry I Chemistry I Honors Chemistry II (AP) B.S. Chemistry - Valparaiso University M.S. Science Education – Purdue University Married with four children

3 Topics (Chemistry I) Tools of Chemistry Measurement, Problem solving Classification of matter, Basic thermochemistry Atomic and Molecular Structure Composition and structure of the atom Nuclear chemistry Periodicity; oxidation/reduction Chemical Bonding; organic chemistry Tools of Chemistry Language of chemistry; the mole concept Chemical reactions and stoichiometry

4 Topics (Chemistry I) cont. State of Matter Physical properties of gases Condensed states of matter Solution Chemistry Chemistry of aqueous solutions Chemical equilibria Electrochemistry

5 In Class Activities Lecture Discussion Problem solving Individual and Group Work Labs, reports Quizzes, tests Demonstrations

6 Homework Reading Comprehension Problem solving / skills practice WebAssign (new this year) Study for quizzes / tests Lab analysis / reports Long term projects Element poster Perform and explain a demonstration

7 Quizzes and Tests Quizzes Occur about once a week Usually 1-3 questions/problems Tests Multiple choice component Short answer / problem component

8 Help for Students Encourage the students to seek help from me at the onset of difficulty; ask questions in class Students can arrange a help session with me during lunch, after school, … Review materials posted to web siteweb site Check with Guidance for in-school tutors (NHS, Beering Scholars from Purdue) Investigate on-line resources Chem I Chem I, H

9 Contacting Mr. von Werder E-mail: Voice mail: 746-0400 Ext. 440 Best time to call to speak with me directly: Second period: 9:03 – 9:53 am After school: 3:30 – 4:00 pm

10 Special Projects new this year: WebAssign – electronic homework delivery system Science Express; Purdue chemistry outreach Instrumentation (GC, Spec, FTIR, probes, N 2 (l)…) Science Olympiad; academic competition 23 events in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth Science Grant funded projects/labs: Nuclear decay (WL Parent council, Lilly) States of Matter (Lilly) Emission spectra (Lilly)

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