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Week of Sept. 17-21 Act I, Scene 4.

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1 Week of Sept Act I, Scene 4

2 Monday, Sept. 17 Compare Mr. Frank’s and Mr. Van Daan’s reactions to the arrival of Albert Dussel. Which seems like the right way to respond? Why? 

3 Fill out EXPLORE information

4 Today: Mastery Lab Re-mastery tests (for those who scored 90 and above who want to improve their scores) Re-takes (for those who scored below 90)

5 Tuesday, Sept. 18 EXPLORE TEST

6 Wednesday, Sept. 19 “I don’t want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met.” ~Anne Frank What do you think this says about Anne’s character? Does it match your own view? Respond to the quote in a well developed paragraph.

7 Vocabulary Review Units 1-3

8 Read Act I, Scene 4

9 Thursday, Sept. 20 Choose three characters and describe how they react to Anne’s nightmare. Use evidence from the play to support your answer.

10 Drama Vocabulary Monologue A long speech by a single character.
Act A major division of a play. (There are two acts in The Diary of Anne Frank.) Scene A short section of a play that usually marks changes of time and place. Antagonist A person or a situation that opposes another character’s goals or desires. Character A personality or role an actor/actress re-creates. Characterization The development and portrayal of a personality through thought, action, dialogue, costuming, and makeup. Stage direction Notes included in a play, in addition to the dialogue, for the purpose of describing how something should be performed on stage.


12 Friday, Sept. 21

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