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3 Wk Midterm Exam Feedback What we did well –Effort –Engagement –Connections to your real life –What this type of test can tell us How well you understand.

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1 3 Wk Midterm Exam Feedback What we did well –Effort –Engagement –Connections to your real life –What this type of test can tell us How well you understand and synthesize material How well you can structure an argument

2 Thesis Specific & arguable thesis = Position (that answers the question) + Preview of the argument

3 State How Relationships Change Media has drastically shaped human relationships. Media conglomeration, cultural impacts, net neutrality, and videos made have made influence today’s lifestyle. Media has drastically shaped human relationships negatively by making people less connected. Media conglomeration, social networking, net neutrality, and videos made have made this negative influence today’s lifestyle.

4 Due to the growing of media today, human relationships have changed in many ways considering how technology is so complex, privacy settings can completely block out social life, the government can watch our every move, and there are communities on YouTube. Due to the growing of media today, human relationships become harder to maintain considering how technology is so complex, privacy settings can completely block out social life, the government can watch our every move, and there are communities on YouTube.

5 Human relationships are changing. They always have been. As different forms of communication advance, so do our intellectual abilities to communicate with each other. These can be simple changes, like the use of a common language to a region or as complex as a text message. Today our media is changing at such rapidity our relationships are evolving at a higher rate than ever. The ways we make relationships are becoming faster.

6 Specific position+Preview Professor Wesch states that, “Media is mediating human relationships.” Today’s media has a direct correlation with human interaction. Human relationships have changed by media through digital entanglement, the impact of social networking, net neutrality, and other tools of communication through the web. …Media isn’t about linking information, but linking people.

7 “Media is not content, media is not tools of communication, media is mediating human relationships.” These are words from professor Wesch from Kansas University on how he feels about the media use and how it combines with human relationships. Media use like TV, Internet, cell phones, texting, skype, and social networking sites have all had an impact on human relationships. Human relationships have changed for the better because of media like the “Big Six”, cultural impact of social networks, net neutrality, and Anthropology of You Tube.

8 Today every thing is changing, from electronics to human relationships. When electronics became accessible to the Internet that is when human relationships started to decrease. Media is changing human relationships by concentrated media ownership, Privacy issues, Net neutrality, and how the users control the Internet.

9 Examples need to be specific to class material “Big Content wants regulation to control technology, to force the law to define what artist and fans want in the future” ( The Big six wants the government to control the regulation of what is put on the Internet. Big content is determined to create a Big Brother future for all. It wanted to rely on the “Three Strikes” law. If you were accused of copyrighting three times you would have your Internet access for three months or up to a year.

10 An article written by Jonah Lehrer called “Is Facebook Ruining Human Friendships?” is an example of how media controls us. When a human gets involved with Facebook, he or she is “reduced.” Everything is changed; friendships, language, sensibility and also humans loose their way of thought, fears, and feelings. Today most relationships are started or changed by media.

11 True, but too vague Social networks affect society greatly, changes are not obvious at first but once the dust settles, society realizes what has changed and wonders how it came to this. Norms are altered by the use of Facebook because most of the time, people tend to be more open over the Internet, which can be potentially hazardous because things are said that are often regretted. In relation to high school, teens will say mean things to one another over the Internet because it’s convenient and easy; fights escalate and feelings are hurt.

12 Analysis is true, but does not show how the example supports the main idea

13 Since the media is changing us, we might wonder if it’s changing us for the better or for the worse, and the overall answer is worse. The majority of the media put out today is all coming from six major companies, or the “big six”, as they have come to be known. If the reality show “Jersey Shore” is the most watched series on television, all of the media are going to want something to do with Jersey Shore. In the end, it gives the rest of us people who couldn’t care less what Snooki is doing a bunch of garbage that we don’t want to read or hear about. You can see how this affects everyone now? Eventually, after hearing about it so much, more people become interested and then that becomes what everyone wants to hear about. When in reality, it’s all staged so that MTV can make millions off of people being so obsessed with it.

14 …..For this reason, many people change their security provisions, which allows them to be in control of what people can and cannot see. Social networking is a positive form of human relationships but could also be a negative form if it isn’t kept under control. This can deal with many different types of online activities such as online shopping, game and video posting sites. Not only social networking.

15 Return (to thesis) sentence The ‘Remix” video, shows how much college students rely on technology….Students presented in this video how college was applicable to their every day lives. They feel that college is a big waste of money and they would rather sit on their computers and get all of their information off of the Internet for free. They cannot sit in class and concentrate for more then twenty minutes before they are logged on the Facebook and completely ignoring the professor. In this case, human relationships are degraded because the professor is not responsive to students’ needs and students are not working to learn, but to be entertained.

16 oBig content used to be the way people got together to go watch or listen to the same things together in big groups. However when user- generated content came along it became easier for people to create some of the same things that big content would create for us. This brought people together in more specific groups because they have far more variety of content to group towards. Take for example electronic DJ music, it isn’t played on the radio much, if at all, but on the internet it is a huge industry with millions of fans. Human relationships are positively impacted through this media because people with rare interests can find each other.

17 In the video called “None to tell a lot to sell” tells how in the beginning of time stories were told by your families, people you knew, and friends Every story could be controlled by people known has priest hood or your leaders/ tribal leaders. They were the first to tell the story of anything that had happened. Even before talking we also showed things that happened by painting or drawing a picture of anything that you wanted such as a hunt or taking over a nation/tribe. (Continued on next slide).

18 Soon after that television was invented and is still one of the growing things today they are now the ones controlling what is being put out there for us to watch. They are the story tellers now of what is happening around the globe there is no more individuality on how a story is written or told now.One main company tells what is going on the air and how it is to be told. Now stories are only told in violence because that is what we now as citizens understand and like. The breakdown in the control of stories has caused a breakdown in human relationships. Stories are about marketing products rather than building up communities.

19 Conventions grading OR Give us a break, Ms. Tonn Poor conventions get in the way of the IDEAS you wish to communicate. Run-on and fragmented sentences, poor grammar, incorrect spelling, and unpredictable organization are like a dropped call or static on the radio. Poor conventions are barriers to your genius.

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