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FDOT District 7 ITS Project Update Terry Hensley ITS Operations Manager.

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1 FDOT District 7 ITS Project Update Terry Hensley ITS Operations Manager

2 WIND ADVISORIES & CLOSURES  Issue: Inconsistent interpretation and application of when to warn motorists or close the bridge(s) due to high winds  Research: HNTB tasked to identify operational scenarios being used by agencies throughout the country  Outcome: White Paper titled, “Wind Advisories and Closures for High-Profile Vehicles”

3 WIND ADVISORIES & CLOSURES  No consistent approach exists for warning motorists or closing bridges for high winds. Research shows that “overturning wind speeds” for “high profile vehicles” vary from 37 mph to 100 mph or more depending on vehicle type  Several states use a modified two-tier system modeled after that of the National Weather Service  Multi-tiered Criteria – Multiple stages based on factor such as vehicle profile, vehicle load stability, vehicle weight, wind speed, and wind direction. Warnings or closures at different points for motor homes, campers, travel trailers, fifth wheelers, 18 wheelers, etc.

4 WIND ADVISORIES & CLOSURES  Highly Technical Automated Systems: Profile in- motion sensors, weigh-in-motion sensors, wind speed and direction detectors, special signage, including DMS Expensive Practicality? Requires “ground units” to enforce  Recommendation: Review research and work with local enforcement agencies to develop a plan that is practical and can be implemented on very short notice.

5 Operations – Two Districts, One TMC  In January, the D7 RTMC began dispatching Road Rangers on the D1 segment of Interstate 4  As soon as the systems are operational, D7 will operate cameras, DMS, and other ITS devices on the same segment  Lessons already learned: We can’t predict what might happen (fog and smoke) Communication is complicated by differences in District approaches to operations (24/7 – EOC vs. TMC) District priorities differ for good reasons (RR staffing) Some old dogs don’t like to learn new tricks

6 Operations – Two Districts, One TMC  Early Conclusions: There can’t be too much planning, just too much discussion Make sure the “little people” have input If you don’t work together, it won’t work Think about the other person’s job There is never enough time for “informal” talks

7 Questions? Terry Hensley FDOT District 7 Phone: 813-615-8611

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