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Urban and Rural Geography Pg. 119

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1 Urban and Rural Geography Pg. 119
WG 6.2 Urban and Rural Geography Pg. 119

2 Using the Land Not all resources can be found in one location.
Hunting and gathering was the main way of life for most of human history. Agriculture began about 10,000 years ago. Domestication – learned how to grow plants and tame animals for their own use.

3 City Growth A number of factors have influenced the growth of and site of cities. Located near key resources. Location along transportation and trade routes and at easily defended sites. Many cities are found near freshwater, a key resource.

4 Patterns in the Size and Distribution of Cities
The world has many villages, fewer towns, and even fewer big cities. As a city grows, there are more services provided. World Cities are the most important centers of economic power and wealth. Examples: London and New York City.

5 Urbanization Today More and more people are living in cities today.
In developed countries, 75% of the people live in cities. Less than 50% live in cities in developing countries.

6 Urban Land Use Cities around the world function about the same way.
Central Business District (CBD’s) dominated by large stores, offices and buildings. They are also transportation hubs. The clusters of large building outside the CBD are called edge cities.

7 Urban Problems Most face serious social, housing, transportation, or environmental problems. Key problem in cities is poverty. Pollution is also a problem in urban environments.

8 Rural Geography Agriculture is the key economic activity in most rural areas.

9 Subsistence Agriculture
Food is produced by a family for its own needs. Anything extra, usually not much, may be sold for important supplies. Machinery is not used in this type of Agriculture.

10 Market-Oriented Agriculture
Commercial agriculture. Farmers grow products to sell to consumers. Common in developed countries.

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