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Welcome!. Meet your student’s counselor Agenda: -Post-Secondary Planning -Testing -Application Process -Paying for College -Senior Dates -Questions.

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1 Welcome!

2 Meet your student’s counselor Agenda: -Post-Secondary Planning -Testing -Application Process -Paying for College -Senior Dates -Questions

3 How to find the best fit for you

4  Determine your “must haves”  Location,  Student population,  Study abroad programs,  Specific academic programs,  Residential life,  Cost, etc…  Rank these items by personal importance  Develop an organizational tool

5  Connect with a free college database  Using your “must haves” create a profile  Create a list of schools that fit your needs/wants  Research schools in more depth  Update organizational tool

6 A sampling of databases matching student criteria with college profiles  College Board’s Matchmaker  ndex.jsp ndex.jsp  Missouri Connections   Log-in information is available in the senior packet  

7  Develop your application list  Compare the schools against “must haves”  Rank the schools  Create list of 3-5 schools Reach Good match Safety College ACollege B Location okayDegree programStudy abroadNear familyGreat locationDegree program

8  The College Visit/Interview  Purpose  Arranging  Preparing  Visiting  Virtual Option 

9  Determine your list of “must haves”  Have a frank conversation about finances  Connect with a free college database search engine  Research the options  Develop the application list of 3-5 schools (no more than 10)

10  Hickman Code: 260720  ACT Test Dates  Test DateRegistration Deadline (Late Fee Required) 10/26/201309/27/201309/28-10/11/2013 12/14/201311/08/201311/09-11/22/2013 02/08/20141/10/201401/11-1/24/2014 04/12/201403/07/201403-/08-03/21/2014 06/14/201405/09/201405/10-5/23/2014

11  Student photo required  Standby testing  Colleges may require scores be sent directly from ACT

12  Hickman Code: 260720  SAT Test Dates  Test DatesTestRegular Registration Deadline (postmark/submit by) 11/02/2013SAT & Subject Tests10/03/2013 12/07/2013SAT & Subject Tests11/08/2013 01/25/2014SAT & Subject Tests12/27/2013 03/08/2014SAT & Subject Tests02/07/2014 05/03/2014SAT & Subject Tests04/04/2014 06/07/2014SAT & Subject Tests05/09/2014

13  Required by: Moberly Area Community College  Math and English placement at MACC  $20 Test fee and Photo ID Required (results sent to one institution of choice)  Allowed to retake  Contact:  The Career Center P: (573) 214-3803  MACC P: (660) 263-4100 Dates* Tuesday, 01/14/2014 Wednesday, 02/12/2014 Thursday, 03/13/2014 Tuesday, 04/08/2014 Wednesday, 05/07/2014 * These tests are offered at the Career Center.

14  Where: Douglass High School – Media Center  When: Thursday, November 14 th  Time: 8am – 11:00am  Contact school counselor to register

15 Most applications require:  General demographic information  Course history/current enrollment  Grade Point Average – We are no longer a ranking school district  ACT/SAT/Compass Scores Some applications require:  Activities – Have a resume ready  Short Answer Questions  Essay/Personal Statement  Recommendations and/or Counselor Form

16  There is a form in Guidance that must be completed  Allow sufficient time to process the request  $2 fee with each request  Schools MUST have a transcript with the application or the application is incomplete.  Improved ACT or SAT score? Scores will go to the schools directly if coded in on the registration form. If not, request another transcript and/or score report from ACT.

17  Online applications – Let us know if your student needs help accessing a computer or Internet.  Paper applications – Some schools still accept these. Your student can bring their paper app, application fee and related materials and we will mail them in with the transcript.  Common Application

18 Four main ways that students get money to help with college costs:  Federal and State Aid  College/University/Tech School Scholarships  Corporate and National Scholarships  Local/Community Scholarships  Financial Aid Night: Tuesday January 14 6:30 pm Hickman Media Center

19  Pell Grants  Low interest rate student loans  Bright Flight  A+  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - PIN Number - January 1 - FAFSA Frenzy Tuesday, Feb 4 6-8 pm, HHS Media Center ((snow date Feb 11)

20  This is often your biggest source of aid  Get to know the financial aid officers at the schools you are checking out  Upon acceptance, ensure that your student has applied for everything they qualify for!

21 First check out or similar sites for unique scholarships that fit your student’s profile. These scholarships are often nationwide so the pool of applicants is large.

22  Check this web site weekly. Remember scholarships are listed by the month in which they are due.  A single application for more than 25 Faculty Selected Scholarships will be available in February. Make sure your student applies!

23  Follow HHS Guidance for updates  Twitter:  @kewpieguidance  Facebook  Hickman Guidance


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