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2012-13 BUDGET Chris M. Scacco, Assistant Superintendent.

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1 2012-13 BUDGET Chris M. Scacco, Assistant Superintendent

2 Preliminary program budgets drafted with input from stakeholders 2012-13 Budget Development Timeline Theme….”transparency with stakeholders” Enrollment and staffing projections determined and presented to stakeholders Legislative session ended April 11…. Staffing plans communicated with certificated staffs Preliminary budget presented to School Board June 28, 2012 Staffing plans communicated with classified staffs Final program budgets and fund balance projections completed Budget hearing and adoption held July 26, 2012 Final 2012-13 Budget to OSPI Jan- Feb 2012 Mar- April 2012 May 2012 June 2012 July 2012 Aug 2012

3 Our purpose as a district is to ensure high levels of learning for all students… Therefore, the budget document should translate into a financial plan that directly supports the work outlined in the District Learning Improvement Plan which is founded on the four critical questions of learning: What is it we expect our students to learn? How do we know if students have learned? How will we respond when students don’t learn? How will we respond when students already know it? The budget must align to student learning… Budget Message

4 ESSB 5895 - Teacher/Principal Evaluation System 2012-13 Budget Highlights “Key” impacts in Legislative/Judicial processes… McCleary Supreme Court Decision Minimal financial impact to K-12 Education ESSB 5940 – K-12 Health Benefit Reform Repealed Initiative 728 – (smaller class size funding) Funding not restored for initial salary reductions (Reductions made in the 1 st year of the biennium 11-12)

5 A look by fund… Budget Summary Selah School District

6 A look at Revenues… Selah School District

7 A breakdown of levy dollars… Selah School District

8 A look at Expenditures… Selah School District

9 Another look at Expenditures… Selah School District

10 Enrollment Projection – 23 FTE less than prior year Staffing – net increase of.5 certificated and 3 classified Revenues – net increase of $616,981 Expenditures – net increase of $771,415 Increase of property tax revenues - $200K Decrease of levy equalization – ($100K) Increase in Special Education revenues - $170 (+SSD support $300K) Increase in Title I program revenues - $500K Decrease in BEA funding (enroll projection) – ($120K) What are the key budget impacts? 2012-13 Budget – General Fund

11 Enrollment History Selah School District

12 By Building… Enrollment History

13 Staffing decline has been handled by attrition… Staffing Levels Selah School District

14 A look at fund balance history… Fund Balance “Cash Reserve” Selah School District

15 2011-12 Fund Balance “Cash Reserve” Review Projected ending fund balance analysis Selah School District

16 2012-13 Fund Balance “Cash Reserve” Review Fund Balance “Cash Reserve” Selah School District

17 Associated Student Body Fund – Selah Intermediate, Junior High and High Schools will operate an ASB fund. Debt Service Fund – The DSF will be used to service the voted and non- voted debt (bonds and energy loan). Capital Projects Fund- The CPF will be utilized to account for bond projects and non- projects (see separate handout for five year plan) Transportation Vehicle Fund – The district plans to purchase two large buses during the 12-13 school year. 2012-13 Budget – Other Funds Selah School District

18 Questions? 2012-13 BUDGET Selah School District

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