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What happened to Roanoke?

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1 What happened to Roanoke?
Where is it? Roanoke Island is in Present-day North Carolina

2 What happened to Roanoke?
Sir Walter Raleigh received a charter from Queen Elizabeth to colonize Virginia – good for 10 years

3 What happened to Roanoke?
1st settlement landed in 1585 – supplies were low but expected the following April Colonists met Native Americans and things were fine until the colonists accused them of stealing a silver cup, burned Aquascogoc village and executed the village chief

4 What happened to Roanoke?
April,1586 the supply ships hadn’t returned so the settlers left with Sir Francis Drake                                                                 

5 What happened to Roanoke?
July 22, 1587 – 117 colonists arrive led by John White August 18 – White’s granddaughter, Virginia Dare was –1st English child born in the New World Native Americans are hostile to the new colonists White leaves – promises to return with more supplies and colonists


7 What happened to Roanoke?
White runs into problems in England and can’t return until 3 years later Finds no trace of the colony or the colonists themselves Only finds the word “Croatoan” scratched into a tree

8 What happened to Roanoke?
Some people believe they were captured or killed by Native Americans Some believe they were wiped out by the Spanish Some think they were assimilated into local Native American cultures Some say they died trying to return to England in the small ship White left them to explore the coast

9 What happened to Roanoke?
Some believe they moved to the Chesapeake bay area near where Jamestown would be founded 20 years later Chief Powhatan told John Smith he killed a group of people living with an enemy tribe who dressed and talked like Englishmen Historical accounts differ on this story, however

10 What happened to Roanoke?
What do you think happened to the colonists of Roanoke? Write 1 paragraph, 3 complete sentences, describing what you think happened to the Roanoke colonists and why.

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