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Lester Spell, Jr., D.V.M., Commissioner Farm Bureau June 16, 2008.

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1 Lester Spell, Jr., D.V.M., Commissioner Farm Bureau June 16, 2008


3 Statewide $6.4 Billion farm value$6.4 Billion farm value $26 Billion economic impact$26 Billion economic impact Employs 1 out of 4 citizens, either directly or indirectlyEmploys 1 out of 4 citizens, either directly or indirectly Over 42,000 farmsOver 42,000 farms Over 11 million acres of farm landOver 11 million acres of farm land 18 million acres in forest land18 million acres in forest land


5 Mississippi’s Top 5 Commodities Source: Mississippi State University

6 Field Crops 2006 Acres Planted 2008 Acres Planted Wheat85k450k Rice190k180k Corn340k670k Cotton1,230k420k Soybeans1,670k2,050k Mississippi Historical Crop Data Source: Chicago Board of Trade

7 Shared Concerns of Agriculture That That Impact all Americans

8 1.Farm Bill 2.Diseases and Pests 3.Increased Farm Input Cost 4.Energy Needs 5.Safe Food 6.Extremists 7.Labor 8.Truth about Increased Food Costs Shared Concerns of Agriculture

9  1 – 3 years  Country of Origin Labels  Permanent Disaster Provision 1. Farm Bill

10  BSE (Mad Cow)  Avian Flu  Cogongrass and Soybean Rust 2. Diseases and Pests

11 - Chokes out native vegetation -Changes natural habitat -Creates fire hazard -Threatens endangered species - Expensive to ControlCOGONGRASS

12 Distribution of Cogongrass In US

13 Cogongrass Control Demonstration Program has been operating 5 years  10,200 acres of cogongrass has been treated.  1,086 landowners have been provided herbicides.  Have over 400 landowners on a waiting list for assistance with herbicides.  Cogongrass has been found in 63 of our 82 counties.

14 SOYBEAN RUST Phakopsora pachyrhizi

15 Soybean Rust Observation

16 Soybean Pest Survey Dr. Billy Moore and Dr. Jim Hamer Soybean Pod Borer Soybean Rust Survey statewide ~30 S.M.A.R.T Fields (Soybean Management with Applied Research &Technology) Soybean Sentinel Plots May through September Weekly surveys

17 3. Increased Farm Input Costs

18 Input Cost Analysis Diesel/Gallon$2.26$4.50 Fertilizer/Ton Nsol$218$370 Urea$305$680 Cottonseed/Bag (including technology fees) $461.95$ Generic Glyphosate (4lbs. Per Gallon) $13.75$30.75 Brand Glyphosate (6lbs. Per Gallon) $16$ Increased Farm Input Costs Source: The Delta Council

19 “Monsanto profit jumps, raises 2008 forecast” – Reuters, January 3, 2008 Agricultural company Monsanto Company said on Thursday its quarterly profit nearly tripled, helped by strength in its corn seed and herbicide businesses, and raised its 2008 forecast. Net income rose to $256 million, or 46 cents per share, in the first quarter ended November 30 from $90 million, or 16 cents per share, a year earlier. 3. Increased Farm Input Costs

20  1970s Oil Embargo – We learned nothing  Middle class Americans pay 15.26% of income for gasoline  90% of world’s oil owned by different governments  Use all energy resources available Wind Coal - Lignite Ethanol (various sources) Biodiesel (various sources) Water Nuclear (1978) Solar Natural gas Fossil Fuels (CO2 Recovery Offshore Alaska) 4. Energy Needs

21  Food trace back (Farm and animal ID) BSE (Mad Cow) Hamburger recalls Spinach Tomato 5. Safe Food

22 Timber harvest Horse slaughter for human consumption Meat animal production and poultry Livestock shows/rodeos 6. Extremists

23 Adequate legal labor force essential – Approx. 70% of Ag workforce undocumented workers Need universal personal identification that cannot be counterfeited Border security 7. Labor

24 8. Truth About Increased Food Costs  “General Mills profit jumps on sales rise” - USA Today, March 28, 2008 General Mills Inc. said its profit climbed 61 percent in the third quarter as strong demand and higher prices led to a big rise in sales. The earnings for the maker of Cheerios and Wheaties cereals were above Wall Street expectations……

25 8. Truth About Increased Food Costs “Sales lift Kellog” – The Associated Press, October 29, 2007 The world's leading cereal producer earned US $305 million, or 76 cents per share, in the July-September period, up from $281 million, or 70 cents per share, a year earlier.

26 Farmers Share of Retail Food Dollar ProductRetail PriceFarmer’s Share Multi-Purpose Flour (5lbs.)$2.89$1.05 Bread (Wonder, 1 lb. loaf)$2.79$0.21 Wheaties, (15 oz.)$4.95$0.16 Beer, Miller Lite, 6 pack$5.05$0.11 Soda (Corn) 2 liter cola$1.49$0.09 Milk ( 1 gallon, fat free)$4.48$1.44 Potatoes ( Russet, 10 lbs.)$3.29$0.88 Potato Chips (Lays Classic 13.5 oz)$3.29$0.08 Cheddar Cheese (1 lb)$5.49$1.76 Boneless Ham ( Per lb)$4.29$0.41 Bacon ( 1 lb.)$3.29$0.41 Top Sirloin Steak (1 lb.)$7.99$0.85 Eggs (1 doz. AA-L)$3.99$1.03 Carrots (fresh. 2 lbs.)$1.89$0.52 Lettuce (head, 2 lbs.)$1.79$0.42 Farmer’s Share of Retail Food Dollar Source: USDA/NASS

27 “Heaven help the nation that does not have him (the farmer) to support it.” - Paul Harvey

28 Visit Us Online PH

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