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LAKELAND HEALTH CARE CENTER Planning for the Future March, 2013.

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1 LAKELAND HEALTH CARE CENTER Planning for the Future March, 2013

2 Serving Community Needs Two-thirds of people in human history who have reached the age of 65 are alive right now! We average 42 referrals per month. There are more than 100 names on our current referral list.

3 Careful Consideration Elimination of the MDS Coordinator position was not a good decision. Recreating the position was a smart move. We need to reconsider the decision to hire more LPNs instead of RNs. Although it made sense at one time, it will soon affect our 5 Star rating with CMS. Physicians are paid less to visit residents in a nursing home than to see patients in their office. Leadership roles should be filled by those who are excited.

4 H.R. Committee Decisions Market study comparisons are not always a true reflection when we make changes that enhance programs. Should we create some 10 hour per day nursing positions on the weekends? LHCC maintenance positions instead of Public Works facilities workers.

5 Support of the Board of Trustees Certified Nursing Assistants Providing Meal Service Consistent Assignments In-house Staffing Pool Creation of a Support Services Department

6 Staff Education We are working hard to keep employees informed about changes in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. They better understand the regulations that govern us as well as the payment reductions that we are facing. Staff takes more of an interest in helping us plan for the future. They are helping us with our SWOT analysis as part of our 2014 budget process. The right people are our most important asset.

7 Additional Revenue May Reduce Reliance on Tax Levy Possibilities vary……….. Change in Pay Source Mix Ventilator Unit Behavioral Health Unit CBRF Wing Change – only if it makes sense? We need to consider the cost versus the benefit of making changes.

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