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Neutrality, Isolationism, Nationalism, Dictators & Broken Promises

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1 Neutrality, Isolationism, Nationalism, Dictators & Broken Promises
The Road to World War II Neutrality, Isolationism, Nationalism, Dictators & Broken Promises

2 Neutrality It is possible to remain neutral in ones direct & deliberate actions- but is it possible in THOUGHT? Why be neutral? What is the motivating force behind neutrality? Does geographic influence neutrality? Is it possible to be involved but stay true to your policy of “neutrality”

3 Have you ever made the choice to remaining neutral in a conflict?
Did your choice prevent you from being affected by the conflict? Why or Why Not? Do you think by choosing Neutrality The United States or other nations will be protected from the effects of the conflicts in Europe & Asia?

4 What did World War I leave behind?
Economic Depression Deep Feelings of Nationalism A Strong Desire to Expand & Gain Territory Rise of Dictators

5 Germany & the Soviet Union NOT “so in love with “ the Treaty of Versailles
Blamed Germany for the war & punished them harshly Germany lost their colonies & territories Soviets lost parts of Russia

6 Germany & the Soviet Union NOT “so in love with “ the Treaty of Versailles
Anger & Resentment are NOT in short supply – on ALL SIDES! Add those feelings to all that World War I left behind (economic & social problems) = TROUBLE BREWING! Democratic Gov’t fails & people turn to AUTHORITARIANS to fix the problems

7 Stalin & The Soviet Union
1922 Russia becomes the USSR (Soviet Union) Communist– Lenin dies in 1924 & Stalin takes over Stalin wants Soviet Union to be “The Model Communist State” Totalitarian Gov’t- TOTAL CONTROL OVER CITIZENS- No Rights & No Opposition #1 Economic Goal- Industrial & Agricultural Growth – wanted an Industrial Nation No Private Ownership of Property- Total Gov’t Control - Worldwide spread of Communism

8 Stalin & The Soviet Union
1928 Stalin introduces his “Five Year Plan” ALL Economic Activity was under State control 1937 – Soviet Union is the 2nd largest industrial power (U.S. is the 1st) “THE GREAT PURGE” – Stalin responsible for 8 – 13 million people being executed or banished to Siberia

9 Mussolini & Italy Italy has problems- unemployment & inflation- problems that lead to major STRIKES The Middle & Upper class freaks out & gets scared- they want a really strong leader Mussolini = Totalitarian leader of Fascist Party He appealed to the strong National Pride & played on the fears of economic collapse & communism “Il Duce” aka The LEADER He was an Extreme Patriot & broke with Socialist Party over WWI

10 Mussolini & Italy Fascist Party Strong Sense of Nationalism
Power in the hands of a single leader & a small group Interest of State is more important than individuals CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION

11 Hitler & Germany POST- WWI Germany
Hitler joins the National Socialist German Workers’ Party aka NAZI PARTY Problems in Germany- War debt, unemployment & Hitler was a last hope for desperate people Great Speaker, Promised to pull Germany out of chaos – fix the problems January 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor Got rid of the Weimar Republic Established the 3rd Reich

12 Hitler & Germany Hitler - “Der Fuhrer” aka The Leader
NO ties to the Socialist Party Wrote Mein Kampf – his plan for the Nazi Party German version of Fascism Extreme Nationalism

13 Hitler & Germany What did he WANT?
Unite all of the German Speaking countries into one “German Empire” Racial Purification- “The Master Race” “The Aryan Race” – No inferior Races National Expansion Hitler wanted more space- thought it was Germany’s RIGHT! Wanted expansion even if it meant going to war

14 Militaristic Leaders & Japan
The Military Leaders Nationalistic & Imperialistic – they want to expand & get more land Launch a surprise Attack on Manchuria, CHINA 1931 League of Nations sent into Manchuria to investigate & they condemn Japan BUT- Japan just decides to just QUIT the League of Nations

15 Militaristic Leaders & Japan
League of Nations FAILED & the Dictators of Europe NOTICED & followed Japan’s lead Mussolini goes after Ethiopia- League tries a boycott but doesn’t do any good 1936- Ethiopia fell to Italy Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland & rebuilt the German Army – violations of TREATY

16 Francisco Franco & Spain
1936 Franco led a revolt against the elected Spanish Republic Civil war broke out 1939 Franco becomes Spain’s Fascist Dictator Western Democracies remained Neutral- only sent food & clothing- BUT NOT THE OTHER DICTATORS!!! Hitler & Mussolini backed Franco- sent money, men & supplies Formal Alliance between Hitler & Mussolini- “Rome/Berlin” Axis

17 Look at the statement and use what you know so far to try to prove or disprove it.
“Despite the obvious negative attributes, the Totalitarian Dictators of Europe and Asia did make positive contributions to their countries success & Post- WWI recovery”

18 America’s position on all of this!
NEUTRALITY America’s position on all of this! Attitude of England & France also – ignore the problem & maybe it’ll go away!

19 Kellogg Briand Pact Signed by 62 countries post WWI – 1928
War is NOT to be used as an instrument of National Policy THE PROBLEM- There was NO action plan if someone broke the pact Americans & many others want to avoid war – ISOLATIONIST– most people thought getting into WWI was a mistake

20 Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy
Thought Neutrality was IMPOSSIBLE! Found a way around Neutrality Act in when Japan attacked Manchuria There was no formal declaration of war by Japan on China So…. Roosevelt did not need to enforce the Neutrality Act He supplied China

21 What might have happened if the United States & others had NOT chosen a policy of Isolationism & Neutrality at the beginning & instead involved themselves in by trying to stop the spread of Totalitarianism in Europe & Asia at the start…?

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