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2 Why EXPLORE™ Aid and assist in compliance of legislation regarding the 8 th Grade Unit of Study Test results can be used to counsel students into appropriate high school courses based on student’s academic skills and career interests Test will be considered as part of the required 8 th Grade Unit of Study, not in addition to the 8 th Grade Unit of Study

3 Overview of EXPLORE Test Career and skills Assessment  Students’ career interests are mapped to academic abilities (connected to college readiness); in other words, it’s an interest inventory and a needs assessment Non-cognitive Components (self-reporting)  Includes a needs assessment, plans for high school and beyond, and an interest inventory Four core areas tested  English, math, reading and science

4 Non- Cognitive Needs Assessment Plans and Background Time to complete Non-Cognitive Segment  45 mins. – 1 Hour  Recommendation – Conduct on Separate Day

5 Cognitive – Core Areas

6 Score Reports What’s on them?  Composite and individual scores, areas of strength and weakness, career possibilities based on interest and skills, individual item analysis What can counselors do with this report?  An information piece called “Career Exploration with EXPLORE shows counselors how to use the results to assist students with career exploration and post-secondary planning. What can students/parents do with this report?  and are web sites that will assist students/parents in understanding their score report and plan for college and/or the workplace

7 Score Reports Breakdown Your Scores Your Plans Your Career Possibilities Your Skills

8 Score Reports – Your Scores

9 Score Reports – Your Plans

10 ACT College Readiness Benchmarks

11 Score Reports – Your Career Possibilities

12 Score Reports – Your Skills - English

13 Score Reports – Your Skills - Math

14 Score Reports – Your Skills - Reading

15 Score Reports – Your Skills – Science

16 Significant Connection to Hathaway Statue Coursework Planner  Use ACT’s Template – Build Your OwnTemplate Success Curriculum  (Sample Curriculum Sweetwater No. 2) (Sample Curriculum Sweetwater No. 2) Different Levels of Scholarship  Honors  $1600.00/Semester  Performance  $1200.00/Semester  Opportunity  $800.00/Semester  Provisional Opportunity  $800.00/Semester – Must Start at Community College/Complete Program of Study

17 Timeline Major Milestones/Timeline  August 1, 2009: Ordering information sent to all district PAWS coordinator/designee*  September 4, 2009: Orders due to ACT; PAWS coordinators will identify school-level contact person who will be responsible for receiving the tests, sending the answer sheets back to ACT after the test, and receiving the school’s results  “Date Needed”: school-level contact person identifies when testing materials should arrive at the school. This is not the same as the testing date! Schools should arrange to have the tests arrive at least two weeks prior to their administration date

18 Timeline Continued  October 1 – October 30, 2009: Testing window for EXPLORE test; schools can choose any date they want within this timeframe to administer the test. The precognitive portion of the test is approximately 50 minutes long; the core part of the test is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes long  November 13, 2009: Answer documents (not the test booklets) must be post-marked by this date and on their way to ACT, Inc. January 15, 2010: This is the latest date schools/districts will receive their score reports from ACT, Inc. School-level reports are returned based on when they are received; district-level reports are sent once all of the schools in that district have returned the answer documents to ACT, Inc  *The PAWS coordinator is the default contact for ordering the EXPLORE tests for each district; if a district chooses to use someone other than the PAWS coordinator to order the tests, that district must notify Sean Moore and he will notify ACT, Inc.

19 Who Does What? Roles & Responsibilities  Each district’s PAWS coordinator/designee* will order the tests for his/her district using an online form  The school-level contact person will receive the tests, send the answer documents, and receive the school-level results Test administration is left up to each school: it can be administered by individual teachers in the classroom or by a counselor/other instructor in a whole group setting

20 Data Interpretive Workshops Following the administration WDE and ACT will conduct regional trainings using data from schools. Tentative Locations Eastern TrainingsWestern Trainings SheridanCody CasperJackson CheyenneRock Springs

21 Thank You Questions Contact Information Julie Magee – Hathaway Scholarship Consultant Sean Moore- Hathaway Scholarship Consultant Phone: 307-777-8740Phone: 307-777-8595 Email: jmagee@educ.state.wy.usjmagee@educ.state.wy.usEmail: Mailing Address: 2020 Grand Avenue, Suite 500 * Laramie, WY 82070 *


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