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LIGHTNING By: Will 1 st Period Mrs. Baugh

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1 LIGHTNING By: Will 1 st Period Mrs. Baugh

2 What is Lightning? Lightning is like a spark and can cause wildfires. It killed 74 people in Florida from 1998-2008 ranking #1 among lightning deaths. Lightning killed 16 people in Alabama ranking #6 out of all the 50 states. It is also five times as hot as the sun. This is one reason why people are afraid of lightning.

3 How Does Lightning Strike Though lightning may appear to only come down (downward leader) from the clouds, it also shoots upwards. The spark shooting upwards is called the upward streamer. Where they meet is the called meeting place. This is where it is connected making it deadly and also very dangerous. Meeting Place Downward Leader Upward Streamer

4 Lightning is like a battery Lightning has positive and negative charges just like a battery. Its different charges act as a magnet sending electricity through it. In lightning the electricity is open and can strike anything forcing energy in it normally destroying it instantly. Negative Charge Positive Charge

5 FUN FACTS A lightning bolt travels 60,000 miles per second. One lightning strike can light up a light bulb for one month. A lightning bolt can heat up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. About 70% of people who are struck by lightning survive.

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