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Presidential “WHO AM I?” By: Mrs. Mathis’s 4 th Grade 2010.

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1 Presidential “WHO AM I?” By: Mrs. Mathis’s 4 th Grade 2010

2 Who Am I? By: Lexie & Kenzie

3 Years in Office 1993-2001

4 Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.

5 Positive Work as President Signed into law the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It made it illegal to download something for free off the internet that was copyrighted.

6 Fun Facts His nicknames are Bill & Bubba Pets- Socks the cat & Buddy the brown lab He is a jogger He was the first baby boomer

7 WHO AM I?????

8 William Jefferson Clinton

9 Who Am I? By: Deren and Blake

10 Years in Office 1974-1977

11 Vice President Nelson Rockefeller

12 Positive Work as President He is now widely credited with restoring public faith in the office of the president after the scandals of the Nixon years.

13 Fun Facts He was considered to be the most athletic president in office. He is a right-handed sports man and eats and writes with his left hand. His parents were divorced in 1915 when he was two years old. His name at birth was Leslie Lynch King Jr.

14 WHO AM I?????

15 Gerald R. Ford

16 Who Am I? By: Stormy and Gabe

17 Years in Office 1885-1889 then again in 1893-1897.

18 Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks Adlai E. Stevenson.

19 Positive Work as President He did a dedication of the statue of liberty.

20 Fun Facts His nicknames were: veto mayor. He died June24, 1908. He was born March 18, 1837.

21 WHO AM I?????

22 Grover Cleveland

23 Who Am I? By: Charlotte and Abie

24 Years in office 1929-1933

25 Vice President Charles Curtis

26 Positive work as president He saved our country and reduced income tax rates.

27 Fun Facts His nick name is Grand Old Man. He was the first president to have a telephone on his desk. He approved the Star Spangle Banner as the national anthem. He was born in West Branch, Iowa.

28 WHO AM I?????

29 Herbert Clark Hoover

30 Who Am I? By: Luke and Ryan

31 Years in Office 1977 to 1981

32 Vice President His vice president was Walter F. Mondale

33 Positive Work as President He made a peace treaty with China He worked for NUCLEAR –ARMS CONTROL.

34 Fun Facts He was governor of Georgia. He has 6 kids; 5 boys and 1 girl. His president salary was $200,000 plus $50,000 account

35 WHO AM I?????

36 James Earl Carter, Jr.

37 Who Am I? By: Ty & Logan

38 Years in Office 1861-1865

39 Vice President Hannibal Hamlin Andrew Johnson

40 Positive Work as President The Emancipation Proclamation on January 1 st and freed the slaves.

41 Fun Facts He died when he was 58 in Petersen’s Boarding House. His nick name was “Honest _______”.

42 WHO AM I?????

43 Abraham Lincoln

44 Who Am I? By: Karissa and Lacey

45 Years in Office 1849-1850

46 Vice President Millard Fillmore

47 Positive Work as President He worked on the compromise of 1850 and would not let some states leave the U.S.A.

48 Fun Facts He had a horse named Whitey.

49 WHO AM I?????

50 Zachary Taylor

51 Who Am I? By: Parker, Jake, and Connor

52 Years in Office He was in office from 1901 to 1909.

53 Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks

54 Positive Work as President The nation’s railroads were abusing the rural farmer so he helped pass the Hepburn Act.

55 Fun Facts Unsuccessful candidate for mayor at New York City.

56 WHO AM I?????

57 Theodore Roosevelt

58 Who Am I? By: Ethan and Kyler

59 Years in Office 1789-1799

60 Vice President John Adams

61 Positive Work as President He brought the nation together. He created our government.

62 Fun Facts While in his teens he trained as a surveyor, and at the age of 20 he was appointed adjutant in the Virginia Militia. For the next three years, he fought in the wars against the French and Indians, serving as General.

63 WHO AM I?????

64 George Washington

65 Who Am I? By: Dawson and Isabella

66 Years in Office 1961-1963

67 Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson

68 Positive Work as President Worked to advance the United States in the race to space.

69 Fun Facts He graduated from Harvard University in 1940, and he joined the navy the next year. He also became a skipper of a PT boat that was sunk in the Pacific by a Japanese destroyer.

70 WHO AM I?????

71 John F. Kennedy

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