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My Academic Goal (sample)

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1 My Academic Goal (sample)
For the ______ School Year, I plan to accomplish… GOAL: I will be able to write a full essay in one sitting. In other words, I should be able to write five paragraphs straight, without a break! Ways I will make this happen … I will write my first draft in the “no fear” method. I will choose topics carefully so I am motivated to write more. I will proofread my work before handing it in. (revise & edit later) Signed ___________________________ period ____ date _______

2 My Academic Goal For the _______ School Year, I plan to accomplish…
I’ll make this happen by… Signed ______________________________ period ____ date _________

3 My Academic Goal - Directions:
1. Choose school-related things you hope to focus on throughout your 7th grade year.

4 My Academic Goal - Directions:
2. Create VISUAL proof that you are dedicated to this goal.

5 My Academic Goal - Directions:
3. Make your goal public! Prepare your goal to be displayed: bulletin board quality is required!

6 “My Academic Goal” Options:
a. Power Point slide- printed, mounted on construction paper b. Poster using paints, markers, or colored pencils (8 x 11 typing paper or bigger) c. Word Art used on a typed document, d. A style of your own– get Mrs. Pavloski’s approval before starting

7 Ideas for Academic Goal: Improve Language Arts Skills
*reading: speed and comprehension; number of books to read on your own this year; reading test scores; read for fun every day… *writing: keep a private journal; writing test scores (6 Traits); write a short story on my own; take good notes in other classes; no more fragments! *speaking: talk more in class (shy); talk less in class (disruptive); opt to do oral book reports; participate in the Poetry Slam in May! *listening: listen more / talk less- in class, with friends, in sports; improve memory skills from better listening; don’t interrupt others or put down others’ ideas. Improve Character Skills: *participate in sports, forensics, music, etc. ; be a team leader; publicly support others’ good choices; attend school events; praise more, criticize less!

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