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Welcome Back, 3/4 Team! Learning. Growing.Transforming.

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1 Welcome Back, 3/4 Team! Learning. Growing.Transforming

2 Index Card Side 1: How is writing workshop different from more traditional methods of teaching writing in schools Side 2: What are three things regarding writing workshop you’d like to discuss today?

3 Reading Workshop Readers are taught by readers

4 Writing Workshop Writers are taught by writers

5 District Writing Curriculum

6 Schedules Reading Workshop Daily Writing Workshop Daily Word Study Daily? (grammar, spelling, punctuation)

7 Video of WW Day 1 What do you notice?

8 Map of Classroom Seating for Partnerships Meeting area, again for partnerships Tape spaces on the floor routines

9 Calkins and Oakland Schools Writing Units Mini-lessons (Engagement and Link are key) Independent Writing Sharing

10 Reading Workshop Questions

11 Digital Workshop - wiki

12 Teacher Labs Think about how you learn best

13 Teacher Labs - details In-house PD in your classrooms Julie/Scarlet and Morris/Lynn Tom/Kim and Mandy/Erica TL meets once per quarter Non- evaluative, for your PD only Options: outside literacy consultant from OS serves as both TL consultant and provides periodic push-in support for WW in your classroom (depending on availability and funding)

14 Teacher Labs – example Observe the same host teacher all four times Rotate the host teacher role

15 What would your ideal TL scenario be? Please indicate on the survey

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