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Keys to Learning Teach → Demonstrate → Discuss→ Practice Practice makes perfect is still the golden rule! Average student retention rates: 5%: Lecture→

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1 Keys to Learning Teach → Demonstrate → Discuss→ Practice Practice makes perfect is still the golden rule! Average student retention rates: 5%: Lecture→ 10%: Reading→ 20% Audiovisual→ 30% Demonstration→ 50% Discussion→ 75% Practice Doing→ 90% Teach Others→ Experience and learning go hand in hand. Simulating the real experience and doing the real thing creates solid learning. Our Arbonne Training Objective: To develop the skill set of new consultants in the areas of presenting & closing. To build confidence and independence with our new business consultants Action Plan Practice setting up events with confidence and professionalism. Practice presenting the product lines with basic product knowledge. Closing every event with the Trifecta close guidelines Host Rewards (Go online to view tutorials and info in the source) Concept: Train the Trainer Learning Pyramid 3 2

2 STEP 1: PREPARING FOR A PRESENTATION (The trainer shows the trainee how to unpack one small suitcase &set up the demonstration) 1. RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag 2. Awaken Sea Salt Scrub to use at sink and leave for the Hostess 3. Basket of your favorite products. Be sure to include a variety from different lines, but only what will fit in a basket (no more than 8 products. 4. CC Cream and Genius 5. Primer 6. Catalogues, pens, calculator 7. Wash cloths and or paper towels 8. $50 laminated bill 9. Closing station paperwork and tools along with Catalog, sell sheets etc. 10. Mirrors 11. client profile forms As guests (trainees) arrive…greet each guest (trainee) & use the Sea Salt Scrub at the sink. (Don’t talk Arbonne here! ) Find out how guest knows host, do they work, kids, etc (use this time to introduce yourself & build a rapport with them). Hand them client profile sheet & pen. STEP 2: GROUP PRESENTATION A. (At this point the hostess will introduce you to her guests). She (the hostess) will thank everyone for coming and say a few words to the group about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne. (Maybe she can tell about her favorite product and the difference she has seen and why she is hosting the party. (You, the trainer) Thank the Hostess…Present any thank you/hostess gift($50 bill) you are giving to the hostess for hosting presentation. Remind guests that they too can earn incredible host rewards when they book their parties! Go around the room and have guests restate their name and answer one other question, such as: If you had a magic wand what would you change about your skin? If time and money were no object what would you be doing? If you had an extra $1000 per month, what would you do with it? Tell your Why: How introduced What intrigued you Hesitations I’ll share with you at the end Why I couldn’t say No to this business 5 4

3 B. Review our Philosophy: Pure, Safe and Beneficial… Hold up catalog p.8 ingredient policy. Have you heard of Arbonne? (Tell a little about Why Arbonne was founded) Arbonne was founded 34 years ago by a man named Petter Morck who left Norway for Switzerland to create a skin care line that would be Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Petter has been part of the skin care industry for a number of years, and he knew that many of the ingredients being used in skin care were not good for the skin. Petter put together a team of leading biochemists, biologists, and cosmetic chemists. This team worked for years and finally found the right ingredients for this new botanically based skin care line. Arbonne was founded! Because Arbonne’s products are made from botanical extracts with only a 1% preservative base, they can’t be left on department store shelves. Most products created here in North America can be left on shelves for 5 to 10 years. That’s one of the reasons why Petter chose to have Independent Consultants bring these fabulous products directly to you! When Arbonne was first introduced to the United States we only had a handful of basic products. Hold up Catalog. I want to show you quickly how far we have come but we have kept our founders vision and commitment of only having products that are Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Science tells us what we put on our skin affects our health. Arbonne products are formulated without  Dyes and fragrances  Mineral Oil or petroleum-based ingredients  Animal products or byproducts (Vegan Certified)  Parabens  PABA  Gluten  Artificial colors, flavors and sweetners PURE: read what our products are formulated WITHOUT SAFE: Arbonne is dedicated to the safety of our products and our consumers BENEFICIAL: the products actually work! (Anti-Aging line just rated #1) Agree with this policy? You can feel good about using anything in this catalog GREEN COMMITMENT: We are taking pure, safe, beneficial to the next level with earth friendly packaging. So what’s good on the inside is also good on the outside! C. Review the Re 9 Product Formulation RE9 Advance An effective, break-through, anti-aging formulation with a comprehensive internal/external approach … p.15 clinical results within 24 hrs 7 6

4 STEP 3: THE CLOSE The trainer explains the 4 ways to win A. Share the 4 Ways to Win: 1. Client: Retail pricing, with incredible person to person service! 2. Preferred Client (PC): 20% discount through independent online ordering for $20 start up cost, no monthly quotas. Talk about FREE product w/ $150 RV order 3. Consultant:$ $79 and 35% discount, business opportunities. This is what I chose to do and I’ll ask each one of you tonight to take a peak at this business. Finish your WHY and share 4 income levels DM – $200-$900 AM - $1,200-$3,500 RVP - $5,000-$9,000 NVP - $22,000 – unlimited Explain how hosting will help launchee get her training in! D. NOW LET’S TRY THE PRODUCTS… con’t Give a Feature and Benefit for each product. Read part of the feature as stated in catalog (pg 14), and one thing you love about it Smoothing Facial Cleanser- hydrating, removes makeup (unless waterproof) Regenerating Toner- keeps skin from oxidizing, makes skin pH correct Instant Lift Gel-.(optional) Face lift in bottle, supports collagen and elastin Intensive Renewal Serum –vitamin cocktail for skin, evens skin tone, smoothes fine lines If anyone feels tingling, warmth, slight redness, it’s normal - our products penetrate at the cellular level. Corrective Eye Crème-.Great for dark circles and puffiness Restorative or the NEW Extra Moisture Day Crème, SPF 20 – “Protector” Night Repair Crème- “Corrector” with concentrated vitamin C and peptides to repair skin while sleep Collagen Support Dietary Supplements-Beauty on inside; supports collagen production, antioxidants, vitamins The RE9 Advanced was rated #1 on the market! Share current “Clinical Results” and before and after pics. We have over 450 products from babies to baby boomers. Protein shakes, energy drinks, men’s products, etc. Share a few of your personal favorites products. Mine is the CC cream and Genius. Have each guest try the cc cream on half of their face to see and feel results. 9 8

5 B. Time to Shop! At this point the shopping takes place. Pass out the catalogs and order forms. “I’ll be in the dining room for the next 20-30 minutes. If anyone needs to leave early I can help you first.” Please bring your client profile sheets too! C. The Closing Station (TRIFECTA CLOSE) This will occur separate from the demo area & if anyone needs to leave early alert them to come to you first This is what the trainer will instruct the trainee to have at the close station. 1. Order Stack: Order Forms, calculator, catalog, specials sheet 2. Booking Stack: open date cards /a list of party themes to choose from and the host rewards pamphlet. Have guest pick available date for her party. 3. Prospecting Stack: Includes pre made prospecting packs that includes Arbonne info, EOA, Kiyosaki/Pilzer article, sample and invitation to the next DA. ASK each guest: Would you consider taking a look at this business? If yes, set up coffee appt in next day or two and hand prospecting pack. If no, say thank you so much for coming tonight. You can also say, “May I ask why you said no?” (FEEL, FELT, FOUND) During this step our goal is to get a trifecta close: which includes getting an order, a party booked and passing out a prospecting packet and securing a coffee date. 11 10 4. Hostess : explain benefits and different presentation options. Explain how hosting will help launchee get her training in! Play Deal/No Deal Pick a guest to be “Vanna White” and put $250 in products that a ”typical” host will get for just $50 (wash, toner, serum, eye, primer, lip gloss) PLUS they get FREE day cream. Everyone picks a “purse” but DON’T open it! Go around table and play deal/no deal and guests gets gift inside if they host (in addition to all the great host rewards!) Party options: Healthy Happy Hour, Makeovers, Facials and Foot Soaks, Ultimate Facials, Genius Facials, Detox Body Wraps.

6 STEP 4: Evaluation The trainer goes through the following questions with the training. Restating the objective, recap as you review ask do you feel better trained and prepared. Do you now have more confidence to do your own presentation than you did when you arrived? Did this training motivate you to increase your skill set on product knowledge and closing methods? Do you feel better prepared to do this training with your new business builders? Concept: Train the Trainer 1 12

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