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Quick Write #1 This is a short response, most Q.W.’s are approx a paragraph. Please list in your quick write at least 2 expectations placed upon students.

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1 Quick Write #1 This is a short response, most Q.W.’s are approx a paragraph. Please list in your quick write at least 2 expectations placed upon students in health 2…talked about last class. What is the deal in this class with Textbooks? What are 3 items will you need to bring with you to class each day?

2 Quick Write #2 What does Wellness mean? Draw the Wellness triangle What do you think influences our Health/Wellness?

3 Quick Write #3 What are the steps in the decision making process? Explain what values are. What are your top three? Tell me about experiences you have had in trying to reach a long term goal.

4 Quick Write #4 What causes STRESS? Please brainstorm and list at least 3 of your personal Stressors. Why might your stressors differ from others? What do you do when faced with an important/stressful decision?

5 Quick Write #5 Describe Maslow’s hierarchy and what it tries to explain. What are developmental assets? List three and explain how you think they relate to the idea of Wellness. What are some of your special qualities, talents, and abilities that support who you are and what you are working toward?

6 Quick Write #6 What is your topic for the persuasive speech? (What is the issue?) I am ____% done with the research. I have completed ____% of the speech. What are my next steps going to be to complete this summative assessment? What are the 3 papers I will be handing to Landolt on the due date? What would be your hold back in not completing this project?

7 Quick Write # 7 What is OCD? explain your knowledge of the disorder. Brainstorm at least 3 behaviors that characterize the disorder. What is the hold back in life with this disorder? (3+ sentences).

8 Quick Write #8 Reflect on your time with the guest speakers last class. What were some insightful points of view shared? Develop a good solid paragraph during reflection.

9 Quick Write #9 Please describe the difference between Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Include what the ratio of males vs females with anorexia/bulimia. Thinking back on the 5 anxiety disorders…what is common between all of them? What is the individual trying to gain back? Explain.

10 Quick Write #10 What is the difference between a direct vs. an indirect warning statement regarding suicide? What are the two mood (affective) disorders we talked about? Describe each disorder.

11 Quick Write #11 Thinking back to the CUP ACTIVITY: Discuss the symbolism of the activity in 3-5 sentences. (What did the cups represent? What did the dropped cups represent? What did the other people in class represent? Etc.) How could you help prevent a potential suicide?

12 Quick Write #12 How has your diet possibly changed over the past couple years, are you eating different foods? (better/worse) Are your eating habits inline with how you want to live long-term? What about your activity Level? Would you say since the beginning of High School you are more active, less active, or about the same. Explain the types of activities you enjoy, and why?

13 Quick Write #13 Do you agree or disagree with this statement: – “Whether you eat three meals a day or even more “mini-meals,” variety, moderation, and balance are the foundation of a healthful eating plan.” Why do you feel the way you do? What is it about the statement? Explain in detail.

14 Quick Write #14 List each of the “ 5 avoidables” and connect that ingredient to one chronic disease we discussed last class. The rule of 5 states… A High sugar product =__________grams or more of sugar. A product HIGH in Fiber =___________grams or more of Fiber. Low Fat =_________grams of fat or less. Do we want to choose products that contain more then 5 grams of protein per serving or less?

15 Quick Write #15 Explain what information on a food label you should pay close attention to in order to make a healthy food choice. – Please list at least 4 different things and the main reasons why it is good to know how much of those nutrients are in your food. –Complete the calculations: 23 g of Carbohydrate = ________ kcals 17 g of Fat = ______kcals(magic #) 9 g of Protein = _______kcals 28 g of Sugar = ________TEASPOONS

16 Quick Write #16 What has been one of the biggest changes in the way we acquire and consume food in today’s world vs. hundreds of years ago? What is released during the stress response by the adrenal glands (not adrenaline) that sends the body into a eat and store mode? (Makes the arteries all sticky over time too).

17 Quick Write #17 What does the word “Moderation” mean as it applies to nutrition? Please give 3 examples of foods that should be consumed in moderation, and a brief explanation why.

18 Quick Write #18 What is your reaction to the following Statistic: –The predicted Divorce rate states that 50% of married couples will end their marriage in divorce in the United States. Discuss why you feel there is such a challenge for adults to maintain a healthy relationship and what do you think are 3-4 of the main reasons people end their marriage in Divorce. Get your textbook and work on ACT 36-37

19 Quick Write # 19 What is the difference between Rape and Date Rape. What is usually involved in Date Rape? What type of abuse is it? Be specific! If you are unsure about Rape/Date Rape go access information in your Text Book and read about the different acts of sexual abuse. What is Sexting? What are some good reasons to not send sexual images to other people?

20 Quick Write #20 In paragraph form please summarize a few types of abuse tactics apparent in Jeffery and Jennifer’s relationship from the Dr. Phil show. Also brainstorm and include what impact the abuse has on the victim; and how a dysfunctional relationship can impact a whole family dynamic (parents/kids). What is “CRAZY MAKING”? What type of abuse is it?

21 Quick Write #21 Explain the difference between Primary Sex Characteristics and Secondary Sex Characteristics. Please list at least 5 examples of male secondary sex characteristics. Think ahead: List some female secondary sex characteristics.

22 Quick Write #22 PLEASE GRAB YOUR TEXTBOOK Read page 494 about the Health of the Fetus in the Glencoe Health Text. What does FAS stand for and what is the cause of FAS? What are 2 common birth defects associated with this condition? If a mother chooses to take illegal or prescription drugs during gestation what are 2 consequences that could have on the fetus?

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