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Practical issues involved in the commercialization of B2B HITECH products onto the global market By Tomas Rosin, CEO TRIDARA International Ltd.

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1 Practical issues involved in the commercialization of B2B HITECH products onto the global market By Tomas Rosin, CEO TRIDARA International Ltd. TRIDARA International Ltd. Innovations Commercialization in Finland Seminar in the framework of the DATIS Project Seminar 05.06.2013

2 Who is The narrator Mr. Tomas Rosin? A serial entrepreneur/Business Angel born 1961. M.Sc in chemical engineering with thermodynamics and automation as specialties. Commercialized an innovation, that is, a new measurement method for measuring properties of particular material flowing in industrial processes. The measurement/control/optimization system, called the ECT STAR System, was mainly used in pulverized coal fueled power plants. All shares of the company, TR-Tech Int. Oy, was bought by one of the business partners, that is, an International engineering company from the US with the name Foster&Wheeler Corp. The EXIT! Is one of the partners of TRIDARA International Ltd., a business accelerator from Finland that specializes in commercializing Russian innovations.

3 TRIDARA International Ltd. Why do people startup companies? Possible reasons : To earn money To get rich other reasons The way to get rich, on your company is to sell out the shares for a fair amount of money, that is, to make EXIT! Please note that the value of a company reflects how it have been managed and no one is prepared to pay an unjustified high price!

4 About Entrepreneurship What must an Entrepreneur do? Actually, the Entrepreneur needs to find out what needs to be done, to develop the business, and also get it done! What is the “Entrepreneurship” that everyone is talking about so much? It can be understood as the attitude of an individual who completes the tasks required to bring a company towards a success story!

5 Some things to notice with B2B HITECH To bring an innovation out on the International markets requires a lot of capital as well as know how and experience! HITECH products needs to be commercialized onto the global markets now days. Successful marketing and sales of B2B products globally requires a solid credibility. To find proper partner(s) and make well fitting partnership(s) is an efficient way to penetrate global markets with B2B HITECH products. It is extremely important to productize the technology correctly to create a feasible product portfolio with proper patenting protection. In B2B the clients wants to buy a solution and NOT a problem!

6 Business accelerator TRIDARA International Ltd. You’re an innovator and don’t want to become an entrepreneur. Is it then possible to make a success story? Yes, for sure, it is. If you’re an innovator you don’t need to be a business man. But, you need to find proper partner(s). For example, a business accelerator who will commercialize your innovation(s). It is better to own 10% of the shares of a company worth 10M€ than 100% of a company worth 0.1M€!

7 TRIDARA International Ltd. TRIDARA International is a business accelerator, with an own developed concept for commercializing Russian innovations onto the global markets TRIDARA International will together with Venture Capitalist(s) and the owners (innovators) of a potential technology form a Joint Venture Company (JVC), to be placed within the EU, into which the ownership (IP rights) of technology is also transferred. The role of the TRIDARA team is to manage the JVC in cooperation with the staff (probably the innovators) of the JVC. Hence this would accelerate the growth of the JVC and, naturally, also boost the value of the JVC. The goal is to make an exit from the JVC within a time span of 3 – 6 years by selling out the shares of the JVC or just the product rights to a big industrial player (e.g. Russian entity) active on the markets. The TRIDARA Concept :

8 TRIDARA International Ltd.

9 TRIDARA International Ltd. TRIDARA International is the active partner before forming the startup and the team of TRIDARA International will be actively managing the JVC’s from the startup to the EXIT The IP-rights, of the technology, needs to be placed in the JVC and the JVC is OWNED by the Innovators (original owners of technology), TRIDARA International and financiers. Each Technology is a SEPARATE JVC!

10 TRIDARA International Ltd. The JVC’s needs to be guided to become INTERNATIONAL companies from the startup! Since there will be, most probably, many employees of the JVC’s working in different locations (e.g. Russia, USA), the TRIDARA team will manage the JVC’s in such a way which enables a geographically spread but yet efficient organization of each JVC. The information exchange between the individuals in the organization of a JVC needs to run smoothly without still being a too time and resource demanding task. The Internet is the basic vehicle for the duplex way communication and information exchange in the JVC organization. The innovators will continue to work with the technology but for the JVC The head quarters (HQ) of the JVC needs to be within the EU/USA.

11 Why go with TRIDARA International?  Accelerated access to global markets, meaning higher value for the technology since “time is money” in HITECH business. It is crucial to stay ahead of the competitors.  The different JV companies will benefit from each other through synergy effects that TRIDARA International creates!  The structure TRIDARA International -JVC’s provides a clear win-win situation.  The TRIDARA International -JVC relationship is always tailored for each case leads to optimized benefits to the owners of the JVC's.

12 Results of bringing right people together! Combining Russian innovators with experienced western management and way of conducting business, leads to global SUCCESS STORIES. This means that the basis for success is that people, with different skills and background, works together towards the same goal to make their company to a success story => All skills are as important and the same goal unites them.

13 TRIDARA International Ltd. For further information, please email :

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