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Neuville sur Saône activities Workshop 4: Salzburg 9 th to 11 th September 2009

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1 Neuville sur Saône activities Workshop 4: Salzburg 9 th to 11 th September 2009

2 Significant events and actions  Working with the towns of Lure and Voghera  Implementation of new measuring tools for the observation  Launching of the action "real estate diagnosis"  Prospective surveys

3 Measuring and evaluation tools pre-existing to InnoCité Study of the commercial implantation Know the possibilities of new implantations in terms of square meters and activities Know the economic situation of the town-centre activities in terms of turnover evolution, commercial rents, investments Objective Periodicity: Every 2 years Retailers' survey Objective Periodicity: Annual, in December

4 Measure of visitors' satisfaction Gather the opinion of persons visiting the town-centre Know the profile of visitors, habits, perceptions of the town-centre Objectives Start: 2008 Periodicity: Annual, in May Measuring and evaluation tools pre-existing to InnoCité

5 20082009 Users' priority

6 Measure of pedestrian flows - Information on the time schedules of pedestrian flows and on the street frequentation according to different days in the week - A determination of the most frequented streets Objectives Start: 2009 Periodicity: Biannual: April and October each year New measuring and evaluation tools

7 Customers' survey Know the purchasing behaviour of the town-centre visitors Objective Start: 2009 Periodicity: Annual: October each year New measuring and evaluation tools

8 Urban quality Employment Commercial offer Commercial offer Tourism Accessibility Strategy of Neuville-sur-Saône Strategy of Neuville-sur-Saône General services

9 Plan de Neuville avec hôpital et ilot Wissel

10 Interviews to owners of shops and professionals Realization of a communication document for national brands and projects Interviews to retailers Analysis of the database CiDO Intervention of an architect (start in 2010) Identification of professionnals who may change Information/ awareness of owners and operators Technical diagnostic of commercial cells Prospecting "franchises" and potentially interesting projects The action on "real estate"

11 Town council Real Estate professionals Information/ awareness of owners Chamber of commerce Search for franchises Pre-emption rights A network of real estate promoters Contact for projects Banks Financial feasibility Mobilization of partners

12 Measuring of the frequentation, knowing the local associations Identification of the tourist offer in the Val de Saône Signature of a Convention in June 2009 Diagnostic: positionning of the "Val de Saône" Setting up of the « Mobile Info Point » Definition of the partnership terms 1st tourism committee The Greater Lyon Tourist Office created a product: "a walking tour in Val de Saône" 1st "Assises du Tourisme" in Val de Saône The action on "tourism"

13 Greater Lyon Lyon Tourist Office Municipality of Neuville Local actors (Heritage, Sports…) Mobilization of Tourism partners

14 Objectives Facilitate the internal organization of CentreNeuVille Benefit from thematic collaboration working tools with the partners Share the information and data between partners Create automatic assessment indicators of the activity Bring more visibility on the actions towards the general public Creation of an Intranet/Extranet/Internet website Upcoming action


16 4) Upcoming action: rehabilitation of the Saône river banks

17 To conclude… The TOCEMA Europe Quality Mark 2 Audit: Town Centre Management What InnoCité is bringing to Neuville-sur-Saône: The partnership

18 Thank you for your attention

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