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The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation AIRM Review Forum AIRM Status Report.

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1 The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation AIRM Review Forum AIRM Status Report

2 AIRM Review Forum 2 Content Reminder about AIRM AIRM Status Changes to the AIRM Supporting Document Homework

3 AIRM Review Forum 3 Glossary Primer Information Model Consolidated Logical Data Model Foundation AIRM This provides a reference model of the SESAR information concepts for operational experts. This provides a reference model of the SESAR data concepts for service architects and system implementers. Reminder: AIRM Product Structure There is no AIRM Physical Data Model NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) v3

4 AIRM Review Forum 4 Using sections of the AIRM

5 AIRM Review Forum 5 Built in collaboration with domains AIRM “federate” 8.1.11 Other 8.1.5 Flow 8.1.6 Met 8.1.7 Sur 8.1.8 Env 8.1.9 Flight 8.1.10 Apt 8.1.4 Aero AIXM WXXM FIXM ASTERIX Complimentary to **XM

6 AIRM Review Forum 6 Adapting the AIRM to a Specific Use AIRM new model existing model - mapped

7 AIRM Review Forum 7 Used in Services Service Identification Service Assembly Domain Scoping Service Description WP B 4.2 results WP B 4.3 results Template Model WP 8 results AIRM EA Views Cycle1 Documents Taxonomy & Services Documents iterative “drill down” from process level to services level Services portfolio based on services capabilities iterative classification, composition and orchestration up to process level Services hierarchy and collaboration scheme detailed description of service interfaces, behaviour, QoS, service policy Integrated and consolidated services specification Scoping based on common taxonomies delineate problem domain and modelling scope using common taxonomies Page 7 Service Data Model

8 AIRM Review Forum 8 Support to AIRM Support to AIRM is growing: Executive Summary Managers’ Guide Modellers’ Guide IM Guide CLDM Guide Foundation Guide Support

9 AIRM Review Forum 9 You will be hearing a lot about this…

10 AIRM Review Forum 10 Introducing UML – AIRM Managers’ Guide

11 AIRM Review Forum 11 AIRM Status “Initial Load” published August 2010 V1.1.0 published March 2011 V1.1.1 published May 2011 V2.0.0 due September 2011 Currently under preparation

12 AIRM Review Forum 12 Summary of changes between versions AIRM Information Model Subject Fields Restructured Trajectory Remodelled AIRM Foundation New ISO schemas Rules changes Some clarifications AIRM Consolidated Logical Data Model Temporality Event-Planning Meteorology Surveillance Function …

13 AIRM Review Forum 13 New in latest version New support documents Modellers’ Guide Executive Summary AIRM List of Abbreviations AIRM Technical Standards Profile Still under development Managers’ Guide Descriptive Guides to the IM, CLDM and Foundation

14 AIRM Review Forum 14 The mechanism of change: AIRM Governance? 14 AIRM Governance: Procedures to decide changes to * Information Model * Consolidated Logical Data Model * Supporting documents

15 AIRM Review Forum 15 Change Requests: Implemented

16 AIRM Review Forum 16 Change Requests: Accepted

17 AIRM Review Forum 17 AIRM Information Model: Subject Fields

18 AIRM Review Forum 18 AIRM IM: Strategic Concepts Removed for rework

19 AIRM Review Forum 19 AIRM Information Model: Trajectory Full details will be in the next presentation

20 AIRM Review Forum 20 AIRM CLDM: Temporality - Lifecycle

21 AIRM Review Forum 21 AIRM CLDM: Event Planning

22 AIRM Review Forum 22 AIRM CLDM: Meteorology See later presentation for full details

23 AIRM Review Forum 23 AIRM CLDM: Surveillance function

24 AIRM Review Forum 24 AIRM Foundation: ISO

25 AIRM Review Forum 25 AIRM Foundation: Rules New Rules: Changed Rules: 23: “The role names shall be added when semantically significant.”

26 AIRM Review Forum 26 AIRM Foundation: Clarifications

27 AIRM Review Forum 27 Homework! Well during the rest of the day… Think about what you would like to see in an AIRM Guide Managers’ Guide Information Model Guide Consolidated Logical Data Model Guide Foundation Guide

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