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Katina Andrea Yiakalli, 50 years old: 1976. One year after the endorsement of the 3rd Vienna Agreement, when the illegal attempts for settlement with.

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2 Katina Andrea Yiakalli, 50 years old: 1976. One year after the endorsement of the 3rd Vienna Agreement, when the illegal attempts for settlement with the import of people from Anatolia were at their peak, Turkish settlers robbed and murdered Katina in Rizokarpaso. They stuck a pair of scissors in her face, they maliciously maltreated her and then burned her body.

3 Michalis Chasou, 60 years: He has been repeatedly robbed and maltreated. The pseudo police ignores his accusations.

4 1977. Maria Yiokkarou Lallakouna, 75 years: She was robbed and flowingly burned alive in her house by illegal settlers.

5 1977. Zacharias Pastounas, 65 years: An illegal settler who was driving he tractor deliberately hit him to death, while he was riding his bicycle.

6 August 1984. Yiannis Yiorgallas, 80 years: He was stoned to death in front of his 40 year old daughter, Savvou. The perpetrator, a 15 year old illegal Turkish settler whom Yiorgallas had protested to as his flock had eaten up the small sesame plantation he had been cultivating in his front yard.

7 1977. Lefteris Kotsiekkas, 60 years: He was seriously wounded by a settler while he was riding his bicycle and was left to die a few hours later by internal hemorrhage, at Famagusta Hospital.

8 4 August 1977. Nicholas Frantzieskou, 76 years: Three illegal settlers robbed his house on the day he had been paid his pension and immediately after they strangled him. His body was buried without an autopsy.

9 2 December 1988. Eleni Polydorou Ppolo, 72 years: Robbed by settlers who immediately afterwards murdered her by pulping her scalp.

10 1 December 1989. Demetres Manitara, 80 years Victim of robbery and serious wounding with the use of knives by ferocious people.

11 1990. Demetres Chr. Demetre and wife, Flourentza Avxente Flourou Robbed by a criminal who cut their bodies to pieces and then burned them. The pseudo police did not allow any immediate intervention, and later on he forced the Greek enclaved to collect and burry their burned body parts.

12 Yiannis Klonaros, 70 years: He was transferred to the free areas of Cyprus, terribly abused by settlers who had robbed him. He was looked after at the Nicosia Hospital.

13 1991. Maria Lazaridou, 74 years: She was robbed and ferociously murdered. The autopsy performed on her dead body and the corollary endorsed by the United Nations Physician, read “natural death”. The Cypriot Government adopted the pseudostate version, against the catapult evidence given by Maria’s children who went to Rizokarpaso to burry her, and against the evidence of other enclaved people. Immediately after her death, her house was seized by settlers.

14 March 1992. Anna Voyiatze She comes to the free Government Areas and makes the accusation that settlers had used caustic substances and wounded her body, trying to bend her spirit and force her to leave Rizokarpaso. Immediately after her arrival to the free Government Areas, settlers seized her house.

15 July 1992. Michalis Yiatanous, 80 years: A victim of abuse, serious wounding and robbery on the day of his pension payment.

16 1993. Nicholas and Sofia Vlasiou, 80 years: A young female settler seriously abused the nearly blind old Nicholas and his wife. This was the second time this specific settler abused the old couple with impunity. Three months after this event, old Nicholas died.

17 November 1993. Eleni Kotsiekka: Abused and maltreated by a settler, when she protested that he had tried to burn her fence down.

18 April 1996 Denktash Administration does not allow to 8 children and 56 grand children of enclaved people to visit their parents and grandparents in Rizokarpaso for the Easter Holidays.

19 September 1996 An old enclaved couple comes to the free Government Areas for medical help to the husband. When he dies, his wife, Maria Aristodemou, returns to the village and finds her house had been robbed and empty of all belongings.

20 4 April 1999. Yiannis E. Manitara, 84 years: Turkish agents of the occupation administration, invade Yiannis house while he was getting ready for church, and break his neck with the use of a gun post. They wanted to silence him. One year before, Yiannis had secretly given testimony at the International Court in Hague, testifying in favour of the 4th Inter-State Appeal of the Cyprus government.

21 31 August 1999. Stelios Harpas, 69 years: Turkish settlers (policemen) carried him deceitfully in his car to a secluded area, and after shooting him, they covered him with petrol and burned him in his car. Their purpose was to extract his money.

22 8 October 1999. Maria Mitsarou, 75 years: She was living by herself in Rizokarpaso, and died helpless in her house without any medical care.

23 12 April 2001. Maria Hadjiyianni, 80 years: “One of them covered me with the quilt and the other was shuffling through the cart boxes. After turning everything upside down and not finding anything, one of them holding me by the mouth and nose was beating my head. The other one who was holding a gun, put his hands in my pockets and took all my money. One envelope I had contained a hundred pounds and the other two hundred pounds. As they were leaving, the one holding the gun turned to shoot me but was prevented by his collaborator….”

24 We ask the State and the Government, to exhibit real interest in the Greek Enclaved. Their responsibilities is not exhausted in the Flour and conserve tins that they send to the enclaved. It is necessary: 1.That International Accusations be filed against Turkey. 2.That the International Community and the Foreign Governments be briefed in the Ethnic Clearance affected in Karpasia. 3.That protection measures be taken for the safety of the Greek enclaved people.

25 4. T hat the offspring of the enclaved and those enclaved people now in the free areas, be helped with employment. Nobody, must forget that the enclaved people of Rizokarpaso live under Turkish occupation.

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