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A European Odyssey for Young people ! The Youth Exchange Program of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) Walloon Presidency 2003-2006.

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1 a European Odyssey for Young people ! The Youth Exchange Program of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) Walloon Presidency 2003-2006

2 Eurodyssey’s got something for everyone... èFor young people èFor regions èFor the companies in the regions

3 For young people... …if you’re… èaged between 18 and 30 years old èrecently qualified or graduated èliving in a member region

4 èa 3 to 7-month work training experience in another European Region 4all branches of industry 4all levels of professional qualification (both skilled and unskilled) èa maintenance allowance to cover living costs …then you can get...

5 èa free one-month intensive language course (basic knowledge may be required) ècultural activities and field trips (organized by most regions)

6 Which kinds of companies do offer internships ? Well, just about any kind … to name just a few of the 300+ companies participating each year in the program... Musée du Louvre Coca-Cola Belgium Futuroscope de Poitiers IKEA Baxter R&D Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris Citibank Kraft Jacobs Suchart Peugeot Université de Besançon Cockerill Sambre Charleroi FNAC Champagne Veuve Clicquot Chocolaterie Jacques Stella Artois Feria de Valencia Dow Corning Petroleum Palaţul Culturii Arad Centro do Mar da Universidade dos Açores Caritas France Biblioteca judeţeană (Tulcea) Instituto ASES Amnesty Int’l Palais des Congrès de Liège Hotels ACCOR TECHNOMEDIA COSPIRIT Research Lyon Opéra Royal de Wallonie...

7 A regional representative ensures the placement in a suitable company, finds the accommodation and follows up your training... So... To sum it up...

8  Acquire new skills  Energize your résumé & be more attractive on the labor market  Discover another culture & make new friends  Become autonomous  Open up your mind !

9 For the regions, a chance to... ètake part actively in the professional training of the region’s youth èrecognize youth as one of the regions’ greatest wealth èabolish borders while promoting a European and regional consciousness

10 ègive your region’s youth a chance to broaden their horizons, both professionally and personally èmake your region known abroad through these young ambassadors èinvest in your region’s future How does a Region handle Eurodyssey ?...

11 èYour region is a member of the AER (or is ready to consider joining the AER after 1 year of full participation to Eurodyssey) èYou run the program quite freely, according to the following principles : 4Autonomy : define method of managing, financing criteria,… 4Reciprocity : finance incoming trainees - send yours for free It’s quite easy...

12 èVote a budget according to what you want your Eurodyssée Exchange Program to be : 4Host and send from 2 to X trainees per year 4Decide whether you will finance or not trainees’ travel costs 4...

13 èDesignate an officer to implement Eurodyssey in your region and to ensure a suitable management of the program èNB: Regions benefiting from the ESF (European Social Fund) can apply for co- financing. This concerns all 10 new member states. èYou receive help from the Eurodyssey General Secretariat and are tutored by a seasoned member Region

14 è Attend the Eurodyssey Forum 4A yearly event for member regions & non-member regions 4Exchange experience, get information 4See where the trainees are living, learning and working in the Forum’s host region 4Discuss problems encountered and find help 4Discuss and vote on future trends of the program (members only)

15 For the companies in the regions, a chance to... ètake part in the professional training of young people èexchange know-how and skills èopen up to Europe èlearn about other regions (markets) èshow off dynamism and creativity

16 Eurodyssey member regions Bruxelles-Capitale, Wallonie (B) Jura, Valais, Ticino (CH) Baden-Württemberg (D) Castilla y León, Catalunya, Murcia, Valencia (E) Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté, Île de France, Limousin, Poitou- Charentes, Rhône-Alpes (F) Adjara (GE)

17 Istra (HR) Akershus (N) Açores, Madeira (P) Caraş-Severin, Harghita, Hunedoara, Tulcea (RO) This list is regularly updated...

18 Number of young people sent abroad : about 500 young people each year, 7 500 since the program was created in 1985, 10 years before Leonardo

19 According to young people, Eurodyssey helped them find a job when they came back home...

20 Eurodyssey is also a cultural experience. In 2005, young participants got an opportunity to discover one of the following cultures

21 Internships for everyone… From Hair dresser to lawyer, from Web Master to Archeologist !! 2005 figures

22 For further information, please contact : Eurodyssey General Secretariat Espace International Wallonie-Bruxelles Place Sainctelette 2 B - 1080 Bruxelles  : +32 2 421 85 12  : + 32 2 421 84 81 @: Walloon Presidency 2003-2006

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