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EAHP 41st General Assembly Stops until lunch break.

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1 EAHP 41st General Assembly Stops until lunch break

2 Presentation by Anne-Marie van der Aart of Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists - central registration of medication errors, followed by Q&A Insert here Anne-Marie’s ppt 2

3 Lunch break 3

4 GA resumes 4

5 Point 13 Voting/legal session Roberto Frontini EAHP President & Frank Weinand EAHP attorney 5

6 Voting/legal session ‘accounting’ 13. Accept MCI receivable as bad debt (vote) 14. Approval of the annual accounts for the fiscal year 2010 – 2011, (Vote) 15. Updated budget 2011/2012 (Vote) 16. Proposed budget 2012/2013 (Vote) 17. Internal and external auditor reports (Thomas and Gitte) 18. Accept any other association A/R as bad debt (vote) 6

7 Voting/legal session 19. Discharge to the members of the board of directors for the same fiscal year 20. Resolution to dissolve the association as per 4 June 2011, and decision 7

8 Voting/legal session 20.1 that the liquidation shall take place by means of the liquidation procedure as described in the articles 2:19-25 Dutch Civil Code as well as the Belgian law of 17 June 1921; 20.2 to appoint the current board members as the liquidators who will have the same powers, duties and liabilities as the board of the Association had, as far as these are compatible with their task as liquidators 8

9 Voting/legal session 20.3 with due observance of article 13 paragraph 4 of the articles of association of the Association, the net assets of the Association will be allocated to the international European Association of Hospital Pharmacists 20.4 to vote on the closing of the liquidation in 2012 (will be voted on by ga 2012) 20.5 to grant approval to the board of the foundation “Stichting EAPH Foundation for the Promotion of Hospital Pharmacy” to resolve on the dissolution of the Foundation 9

10 Closure of “old” EAHP GA 10

11 Coffee break 11

12 Welcome to the EAHP 1 st General Assembly Extraordinary General Assembly of the International Belgian not-for-profit organization EAHP (the “new” EAHP) 4 June 2011 Dublin, Ireland

13 Point 1 - Programme Welcome - members, new member applicants and observers Roberto Frontini EAHP President 13

14 Point 1 - Programme Founding members AustriaItaly BelgiumLuxembourg BulgariaNorway CroatiaPoland Czech RepublicPortugal EstoniaSlovakia FinlandSlovenia FYROMSpain GermanySwitzerland 14

15 Point 2 New member applications (Vote) Bosnia HerzegovinaSweden DenmarkThe Netherlands FranceTurkey GreeceUK Hungary Ireland Latvia Lithuania Serbia 15

16 Point 3 Renew member/appoint new members of the Board -Vote – Appointment for one year FRONTINI Roberto Virgilio Amerigo; president; DOLINAR Elfriede, vice ‐ president; HANDLOS Vagn Neerup; director of education, science and research WEST Anthony Leslie, Director of Finance Appointment for two years Appointment for three years NEEF CornelisMIHARIJA GALA Tajda SÝKORA Juraj BATISTA Aida 16

17 Membership fees for the fiscal year 2012-2013 (Vote) Point 4 17

18 Acceptance of the transfer of the net assets of the not-for-profit organization EAHP and of the Stichting EAHP Foundation for the Promotion of Hospital Pharmacy such as decided by resolution of that association and of the Stichting as of today (Vote) Point 5 18

19 Acceptance of budgets voted on by “old” EAHP GA 2011-2012 and 2012 – 2013 (Vote) Point 6 19

20 Next General Assembly dates Point 7 20

21 Concluding remarks Roberto Frontini President Point 8 21

22 End of day 2 Meet in the hotel lobby at 18.30 Visit of the Jameson Distillery following by a sumptuous meals and live bands of musicians and dancers performed by The Jameson Players and the Claddagh Dancers 22

23 Sunday 5 June - 09.30-15.00: Lunch and Social/cultural event Visit of a good portion of the city including walks around Merrion Square, Dublin Castle courtyards and gardens,.. Lunch on Sunday will continue with the alcohol theme and this time we will visit the home of the ‘black stuff’ and visit the Guinness Storehouse. 23

24 24 Folienüberschrift oder Fußzeile: Arial 12 pt Titel der Folie: Arial 26 pt Hier kann ein Text stehen: Arial 26 pt Die verwendeten Farben setzen sich, wie folgt zusammen: – RGB Blau: 22/87/136 – RGB Grün: 105/190/40 – der Anstrich ist ein Gedankenstrich

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