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Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.

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1 Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management

2 Vision: to be the worldwide community of organizations that provides leadership for the maintenance & asset management communities. Mission: to develop and promote knowledge, standards and education for the maintenance & asset management professions. Using one voice, collaborate on the development and means to share the advancements, knowledge and standards in Maintenance and Asset Management.

3 Definitions 1.Maintenance Combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item intended to retain it in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function. The definition of maintenance both in EN13306 and IEV 50(191)

4 Definitions 2.Asset Management (5) options to be discussed The Asset Management Council The life cycle management of physical assets to achieve the stated outputs of the enterprise PAS 55-1 Systematic & coordinated activities and practices through which an organization optimally manages its physical assets and their associated performance, risks and expenditures over their lifecycles for the purpose of achieving its organizational strategic plan. IIMM The combination of management financial, economic, engineering and other practices applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost effective manner. National Grid Transmission UK The set of disciplines and methods to optimise the Whole Life Business Impact of costs, performance and risk exposures of the company’s (physical) assets. CIEAM The process of organising, planning and controlling, the acquisition, use, care, refurbishment, and/or disposal of an organisation’s physical assets to optimise their service delivery potential and to minimise the related risks and costs over their entire life.

5 Founding Members ABRAMAN, Brazil Mr. Lobato de Campos AMC, Australia Mr. John Hardwick EFNMS, Europe Mr. Hans Klemme-Wolff Chairman FIM & CAM, South America Mr. Gerardo Alvarez Cuervo (AEM) (Delegate FIM & CAM) GSMP, Arabian Gulf Region Mr. Nezar Shammasi

6 Organizations con`t CAPE, China Mr. Chen Yuping Mr. Li Baowen SMRP, USA Mr. David Staat Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance Indian Institution of Plant Engineers Southern African Maintenance Association

7 European Federation of National Maintenance Societies vzw MFA Austria BEMAS Belgium CSPU Czech Republic HDO Croatia DDV Denmark KPY Finland AFIM France GFIN Germany MEETA Ireland AIMAN Italia NVDO Netherlands NFPV Norway PNTTE Poland APMI Portugal DOTS Serbia and Montenegro SSU Slovakia DVS Slovenia AEM Spain UTEK Sweden MFS Switzerland IAM United Kingdom


9 GSMP – Gulf Society of Maintenance Professionals Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

10 Initial Organization 1.The SC-Steering Committee consisting out of the Chairmen's of the participating organizations 2.The chairman`s turn of office is one year 3.Each member society is coordinating one topic Involving the respective committees in the different member organizations and acknowledged experts

11 Communications Plan – GFMAM Outreach Strategy VISION to be the worldwide congress of organisations that provides leadership for the maintenance and asset management community. Key Messages GFMAM develops knowledge, standards and education for the maintenance and asset management professions GFMAM advocates the best knowledge, standards and education for the maintenance and asset management professions GFMAM uses one voice to share the collaboratively collected advancements, knowledge and standards in maintenance and asset management Target Audiences Members, Corporate Supporters, Government bodies Communication methods/tools Press release with organisation profile Website, Powerpoint show Revolving Forum in concert with member conferences

12 Initial Activities 1.Framework being worked out in the Steering Committee 2.Initial identified topics selected are started 3.Phone conferences every 3 rd week 4.First Symposium during AMC member conference ICOMS June 1 st til 5 th Sydney Australia Topics: Framework, Activities, Milestones 5.Second Symposium during EFNMS conference EUROMAINTENANCE 2009 Verona Italy

13 Initial Activities con`t 1.Assessment of Standards and Terminologies Review available data Coordination: EFNMS 2.Assessment of Training course material Survey Coordination: ABRAMAN 3.Assessment Membership management Survey ready for distribution Coordination: ABRAMAN 4.Asset Management Framework & Competence on hold Coordination: AMC

14 Inaugural meeting March 1 st 2009 London

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