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AQD Reporting Draft Specification. Dataset B Zones.

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1 AQD Reporting Draft Specification

2 Dataset B Zones


4 Reporting Unit B.1ProviderContactDetails B.2ChangeText B.3Information on zoneAQD_Zone

5 Dataset B Zones

6 Zone B.3Information on zone B.3.1Zone codeText B.3.2Zone nameText B.3.3Type of zoneMenu B.3.4Delimitation TypeMenu B.3.5Geometry SpecificationNumber B.3.6Spatial extentSpatialExtent B.3.7NUTSMenu

7 Zone B.4Time references B.4.1Application start datetimestamp B.4.2Application end datetimestamp B.4.3PredecessorsText B.4.4Information about change of zone delimitation Text

8 Zone B.5Information on population B.5.1Resident populationNumber B.5.2Resident population yearTimestamp

9 Zone B.6.Pollutants: Specification for which pollutant(s) the zone has been designated B.6.1Pollutant CodeMenu B.6.2Protection TargetMenu

10 Dataset D Stations


12 Sampling Point


14 D.4.1.1Measurement configuration IDText D.4.1.2European station IDLink D.4.1.3Network IDLink D.4.1.4Measurement time references D. start dateTimestamp D. end dateTimestamp

15 Sampling Point D.4.1.13Emissions with predominant influence D. of station relation to emission sources Menu D. emission source:Menu D. trafficNumber D. domestic heatingNumber D. industrial sourcesNumber D. industrial sourceNumber

16 Observing Capability



19 Procedure

20 D.4.1.5Measurement method D. TypeMenu D. methodMenu D. Measurement methodText

21 Procedure D.4.1.6Sampling method D. methodMenu D. sampling methodText

22 Procedure D.4.1.7Analytical technique D. techniqueMenu D. Analytical techniqueText

23 Procedure D.4.1.9Demonstration of equivalence D. with reference methodMenu D. equivalence reportURL

24 Procedure D.4.1.10Data quality information D. limitNumber D. Objective time coverageBoolean D. Objective data captureBoolean D. estimationNumber D. traceability/uncertainty Text D. ReportURL

25 Procedure D.4.1.11Time references D. time D. time unitMenu D. of sampling time unitsNumber D. interval D. interval unitMenu D. of sampling interval units Number

26 Observing Capability


28 Feature of Interest D. point location D. inletNumber D. buildingNumber D. kerbNumber

29 Dataset E Primary data



32 E.3Assessment results E.3.1PollutantMenu E.3.2Assessment TypeMenu E.3.3Assessment methodLink E.3.4Datetime_fromTimestamp E.3.5Datetime_toTimestamp

33 Dataset E Primary data E.3.6Sampling time E.3.6.1Sampling time unitMenu E.3.6.2Number of sampling time unitsNumber E.3.7Measurement ValueNumber E.3.9ValidityMenu E.3.10Verification statusMenu

34 Dataset C Assessment Regime



37 C.3Assessment regime (by zone and pollutant) C.3.1ZoneLink C.3.2PollutantMenu

38 Dataset C Assessment Regime


40 Assessment Regime - Threshold C.4Assessment threshold (by environmental objective) C.4.1Environmental objectiveEnvironmentalObj ective C.4.2Exceedance/attainment of assessment threshold Menu C.4.3Assessment threshold classification date Timestamp C.4.4Link to the classification reportURL

41 Dataset C Assessment Regime


43 Assessment Regime - Authorities C.5Information about designated competent authorities and bodies responsible for different aspects of quality assurance C.5.1Authority - assessment of air qualityContactDetails C.5.2Authority - approval of measurement systemsContactDetails C.5.3Authority - accuracy of measurementsContactDetails C.5.4Authority - analysis of assessment methodContactDetails C.5.5Authority - nation-wide quality assuranceContactDetails C.5.6Authority cooperation MS & CommissionContactDetails

44 Dataset C Assessment Regime


46 Assessment Regime - Methods C.6Assessment methods C.6.1Assessment TypeMenu C.6.2Fixed measurement(s)Link C.6.3Assessment (other)Text C.6.4Individual assessment metadataLink

47 Dataset M Attainment



50 M.4Attainment: (for each zone and environmental objective) M.4.1ZoneMenu M.4.2PollutantMenu M.4.3Link assessment informationMenu M.4.4Environmental objectiveEnvironmentalObjectiveType M.4.5Exceedance - objectiveBoolean M.4.6Exceedance MoTBoolean M.4.7Exceedance WSSBoolean M.4.8Exceedance NSBoolean M.4.9Exceedance descriptionExceedance situation

51 Dataset M Attainment


53 M.4.9Exceedance descriptionExceedance situation A.2.1environmental objectiveEnvironmentalObjective A.2.2Area of the exceedance situation A.2.2.1Classification of the areaMenu A.2.2.2Administrative units coveredMenu A.2.2.3Exceedance area delimitationSpatialExtent A.2.2.4surface area (km²)Number A.2.2.5length of road (km)Number A.2.3Population and exposure information A.2.3.1population exposedNumber A.2.3.2ecosystem area exposedNumber A.2.3.3Sensitive resident populationNumber A.2.3.4sensitive populationNumber A.2.3.5Reference yearTimestamp A.2.4Comment for clarificationText

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