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The quest for gravitational waves. European Gravitational Observatory EGO “Raison d'être”, origin, structure & future perspectives Federico Ferrini –

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1 The quest for gravitational waves

2 European Gravitational Observatory EGO “Raison d'être”, origin, structure & future perspectives Federico Ferrini – EGO Director Welcome to The Einstein Telescope Design Study Presentation

3 3 The Universe has been studied essentially through EM radiation. GWs have a different origin. The Scientific Motivation

4 According to General Relativity, gravitational fields distort space-time. GW’s alternately squeeze and stretch space in two perpendicular directions displacement of free masses deformation of elastic bodies To detect GW’s: monitor distances among free masses detect ringing of mechanical resonators The Physical Effect

5 The VIRGO Collaboration  First studies: – Brillet (Nice): optics – Giazotto (Pisa): seismic isolation  Collaboration Italy - France established in 1992 CNRS and INFN approved the VIRGO project 1997: Construction starts near Pisa  Foundation of EGO in 2000 2004/2005 Commissioning 2006 Physics Netherlands: Nikhef joined EGO in 2006  EGO Council approved Advanced VIRGO in 2009 Poland (POLGRAW) & Hungary (RMKI) joined EGO in 2010 The history of the project

6 EGO: French-Italian Consortium to support & operate VIRGO EGO in synthesis and promote cooperation for gravitational waves physics in Europe

7 EGO Council (INFN/CNRS/ NIKHEF ) STAC Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee EGO Director F. FERRINI Scientific Director/Virgo Spokesperson F. FIDECARO Virgo Collaboration F. FIDECARO AdministrationSite & InfrastructureInterferometer operationComputing Technical Coordination for upgrades Directorate services EGO Staff ~ 65 FTE The Structure

8 EGO/VIRGO A large infrastructure : 3 km long arms: Δ L / L = 10 -21 60 ha of land; ~150000 m 3 of buildings The largest high vacuum system in Europe : 7000 m 3 P ≅ 10 -9 mbar High tech optics Several class 10 clean rooms 15000 m 3 thermo stabilized to +- 0.2 °C 600 kW electrical power 24h/24h data taking; 1 TB/day collected

9  LAPP – Annecy  NIKHEF – Amsterdam  RMKI - Budapest  INFN – Firenze-Urbino  INFN – Genova  LMA – Lyon  INFN – Napoli  OCA – Nice  LAL – Orsay  APC – Paris  LKB - Paris  INFN – Padova-Trento  INFN – Perugia  INFN - Pisa  INFN – Roma 1  INFN – Roma 2  POLGRAV - Warsaw

10 The Consortium shall have as its purpose the promotion of research in the field of gravitation in Europe. EGO pursues the following objectives: “Ensures the construction of the antenna VIRGO, its operation, maintenance and upgrade as well as its exploitation.” EGO Aims according to Statute

11 EGO Functioning Human Resources: Staff: 63.5 FTE 36: Engineers and applied physicists Nationalities: Italy + 15 FTE: France, Germany, The Netherlands United Kingdom, Russia Financial Resources: CNRS (France) INFN (Italy) Nikhef (The Netherlands) RMKI (Hungary) Polgrav (Poland)

12 To ensures operation, maintenance and upgrade of the interferometer VIRGO: Infrastructures & laboratories: Optics Electronics Ultra-Vacuum Cryogenics Computing EGO Support to VIRGO

13 Optics Group: Main tasks Maintenance and support for all the on-site Virgo activity in which optical and electro-optical expertise is required, in particular: –Injection and detection system –Local controls –Locking –Alignment Involvement in commissioning activity: –Interferometer pre-alignment and automatic alignment –Injection system –Detection system –Diffused light –Thermal effects Reference within the collaboration for support in optics for Virgo. Relevant R&D activity: “High power input optical components for Advanced Virgo”. Main group involved in the Advanced Virgo INJ Subsystem

14 Electronic Group: Main Tasks Electronics Maintenance/Upgrade -Suspension electronics production, assembly and installation -Suspension electronics documentation, maintenance and upgrade -Injection System electronics maintenance support Commissioning support -Injection System electronics characterization and troubleshooting -Environmental Monitoring characterization -Specific devices electronics modification Advanced Virgo -Development of the Electronic needed for the INJ Subsystem -Electronic Standardisation

15 Operations group: Main Tasks Automation of ITF procedures –Coordination, maintenance, upgrades Detector Monitoring –Coordination, maintenance, requirement definitions, testing Training –Organization of training sessions and of the demonstration of the new procedures –Full training program, 2-months long, set for the new hired operators Operation of Clean Rooms –Management and maintenance Commissioning support –Mirror Suspension Control, –Alignment, –Noise hunting Partecipation to the SAT AdV Subsystem –In vacuum cabling –Superattenuator components assembly

16 EGO: carries out research in the field of gravitation of common interest of the Members promotes contacts among scientists and engineers, dissemination and training for young researchers promotes co-operation on experimental and theoretical gravitational waves research in Europe EGO Aims on a larger horizon (on Earth)

17 Coordination of EU projects: 2004/2008 Participant of the ILIAS (Integrated Large Infrastructures for Astro-Particle Science) project, coordinator of the networking activity: N5-GW Antenna 2008/2011 Einstein Telescope coordination of the whole project management of the centralized budget support to the ET science team interface with the European Commission for all the financial aspects reporting activity EGO & EU

18 Organization of ASPERA Industry Event 21-22 October 2011, focus on “Optics and Laser” Addressed both to all the GW experiments and to the “traditional” telescopes (CTA, Magic, ….) Hosting next ASPERA outreach meeting (16-17 June) Member of IDPASC, International Doctorate Network in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Organization, in the ET framework, of ISAPP 2010, International School on Astro-Particle Physics EU Researchers’ night partnership with INFN-LNF Virgo visits: Hosting about 1000 visitors/year (more than 250 in the last Open Doors event) EGO & Outreaching

19 Established in 2004, the VIRGO EGO Scientific Forum is composed of 47 research groups active in the European scientific community. EGO & Training  A total of 18 fellowships with a two-year duration have been funded in Italy (7), Spain (3), France (2), Germany (2), Greece (1), Hungary (1), Poland (1) and UK (1).  A yearly school to introduce Physics students to gravitational waves is organized since 2006. In addition, VESF launched a complementary yearly school on GW Data Analysis in 2010. More than 150 graduating students were introduced to GW and to the techniques used to detect them.

20 Three Steps:  Active participation in EU GW projects  Increase the participation of the National GW communities in Europe to EGO  Develop the dialogue with the GW communities in other regions of the World EUROPEAN STRATEGY for EGO

21 Summary An efficient, responsive and light structure to support Virgo and promote European collaboration under supervision by national institutions EGO existence relies on Virgo/AdV success The future of GW in Europe depends upon a stronger collaboration between EU countries. EGO may prefigure the required infrastructure. Advanced VIRGO

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