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2 WP3 System Analysis and Design
FROM FARM FORK FOOD EU SAFETY LEGISLATION WP3 System Analysis and Design Duration: 3 months; M2 to M5 PARTNER INVOLVED P0-KSL - TR P1-SUA - SK P4-OFFICE-FR – TR P5-GGD – TR (Auditing partner)

3 Aims : To investigate the previous system design of the project to be transferred To plan system before implementation of new virtual learning tools of F4ESL To evaluate the design of the modules and project products according to the results of need analysis To adapt new software and implement new virtual learning tools

4 Roles and Tasks of Partners
To provide necessary data and documentation. To give technical details about software and other technical issues of former project ( NITRA) To work with P4 during the system analysis and design process PO,P1, P5 may provoide some media material . Tne frame of the lectures have to be defined clerly,

5 Our roles and Tasks To analyze and evaluate the experiences of the project partners on training about open source LMS application. To prepare the system plan of F4ESL e-learning application To design and adapt digital infrastructure of the e-learning courses

6 The definition of F4ESL, subjects, authors, and constructors will be included in each package via metadata. The name and publisher of the course package (project name), the description, developer, date, type and format of the course (the formatting defining in which format the LMS will run and implement that course) will be contained in the acknowledgements/credits section. Partners are have to provide us related informations

7 We have to decide on what we will do with Moodle ?
Teachers can contact via the LMS platform ; Students or teachers can communicate between themselves among defined groups, participate in common activities and create platforms for debate; Specific messages and warnings can be assigned to each group formed Teachers can interact with the students’ activities of the formed course at a predefined date and time ; Students can see their average grades and missing activities so that they can complete them.

8 We need to define the role of partner , teacher and student on Moodle
Rregistration, the delivery and tracking of e-learning courses and content, and testing, Competency management Certifications, Ressource allocation (venues, rooms, textbooks, instructors, etc.). Most systems allow for learner self-service, facilitating self-enrollment, and access to courses. Activities Authentication methods Enrollment methods Content Filters

9 We will construct the course packages by adding and removing texts and visual materials (audio file, video file, animation, etc.). We will ensure that these course packages are packed in international standards (LMS, SCORM) and create metadata for these and render them usable in LMS platforms and redistributable by transforming them to LO and SCO formats. In this respect, it is very important for the project leaders to deliver the texts and particularly, the visual materials that the partners will provide for the courses to us at least 45 days before the course package is implemented in the LMS platform.

10 Some suggestions Categorization, or the placement of each information within the most suitable environment is important. Topics and comments should be balanced and limited in order to benefit learning. If the selection of social geography focused curriculum is being considered, this should reflected into the planning of the modules.

11 Flow plan should be made carefully since learning objects aligned with target curriculum will be selected. The use of best practices in cultural and social planning should be considered for the success of education. Indexing of the prepared learning objects will be done.

12 Thank you for your attention.
F.Gunseli Özkan Founder Ofis Iletisim Danismanlik Ziya Gokalp cad 28 Ankara-Turkey Tel: mobil : Skype: office-fr Web:


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