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Who is this? Where did he come from? What do you know about his creator?

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2 Who is this? Where did he come from? What do you know about his creator?

3 He is… Count Dracula

4 Who introduced Dracula to the world? A gentleman called Abraham "Bram" Stoker (November 8, 1847 – April 20, 1912) an Irish novelist and short story writer

5 A Boy from Dublin He was born in Dublin His Dad came from Dublin and his Mum from Donegal He had 6 brothers and sisters! He was sick as a child but started school at the age of 7

6 The Theate Bram loved the theatre and he wrote reviews of different dramas He was a theatre critic Bram was also a writer His first book was The Crystal Cup He wrote 12 books over his career Most were fiction, 4 were non-fiction Q: what is the difference between fiction and non- fiction?

7 Later Life 1878 he married Florence Balcombe, They had one child, Noel Thornley Stoker Bram worked worked in London with people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a famous author… what did he write?? Stokers house in Dublin

8 Writings Stoker wrote many books Before he wrote Dracula he spent a lot of time researching European folklore and mythology about Vampires

9 Writing technique Instead of using a narrative technique he wrote diary entries, letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings Q: Why do you think he used this technique?

10 Science Fiction Stoker wrote books which can be categorised as science fiction and horror fiction Have you read any science or horror fiction books? Why do you think people like to see or read scary stories?

11 Dracula Many believe that Bram's Dracula was inspired by a 15th century Romanian ruler named Vlad Tepes (pronounced "tsep-pesh"). He ruled Wallachia (now part of Romania - in southeastern Europe) he is believed to have been very, very cruel. Vlad wasn't a vampire at all, but he did invent some spine-chilling forms of torture and used the nickname "Dracul" or "Dracula" which means both "devil" and "dragon."

12 How did he change from this… A scary, blood sucking man who lives in a coffin and only comes out at night…

13 To This…. Count Duckula is a vegetarian vampire duck Count Duckula was born in an ancient vampire revival ceremony. Every one hundred years, when the moon is in a certain position, one has an opportunity to use magic to reincarnate a vampire. [Un]fortunately, tomato ketchup was accidently used in lieu of blood... resulting in a vegetarian vampire The Count from Sesame Street!

14 What about this?

15 Here are some clues It is believed that vampires love counting! Poppy seeds are often tossed around cemeteries, so that when the vampire wakes up, he will spend the night counting and be forced to return to the grave before dawn. Vampires dislike mirrors and silver, so silver crosses or icons were frequently displayed in houses for protection. Thorns of wild roses will also keep vampires away. In Eastern Europe, vampires are believed to be afraid of garlic. Farm animals can be rubbed with garlic to protect them, while garlic often hangs from doors and windows to keep vampires out. Anyone who does not like garlic can be suspected of being a vampire.

16 Well… These are all myths! Dracula is a really popular book. It has made millions and millions of euro for film and TV companies Writers, TV producers and film producers then decided to make some money by making Dracula a little less scary for children. People love to be scared here are other scary characters made for children. They use the myths about Dracula and change and chop them into cartoon or film characters

17 More Beetlejuice for children Beetlejuice for adults

18 Even more! Addams Family Casper the Friendly Ghost Can you think of any other scary characters?? Can you describe those characters?

19 Can you create a character? Creating a character…or characters… Who: Basics: Name, age, where are they from? Personality: brainstorm some personality traits with your partner Likes and Dislikes: bananas, flowers, water, envelopes, clouds, laughter Looks: tall, small, round, square, long hair, short hair, no hair What: Are they a ghost? Vampire? Pumpkin?

20 Creating a Character When: When is your story set? Daytime, night time, middle of the week, 100 years ago, in the future… Where: Where do they live? Town, city, country, cemetery, laundry, shoebox, your Mum’s handbag, coffin, light bulb… The list is endless… Write a story to go with your chatacter. Use any kind of writing. Narration, Report, Creative, Descriptive or try to create a cartoon or comic! Don’t forget to use a Mind Map to sort your thoughts

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