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Developing and Sustaining the TSSG Research Group” Willie Donnelly.

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1 Developing and Sustaining the TSSG Research Group” Willie Donnelly

2 Research Philosophy Drive regional economic development through Our global reputation for Research and Innovation Excellence

3 TSSG Space - Mobile Reduced usage friction via better performance and user experience + lower price + expanded services = 10X more devices

4 TSSG Overview SFI Digital Ireland, 25/7/2011Copyright © 2011 Waterford Institute of Technology4 Research Centre in Waterford IT Founded in 1996 Currently 110 staff: 5 WIT Faculty 12 Post-docs 20 PhD students 73 engineers / project managers Won competitive research funding of €80m+ from 1996-2012 154 funded projects, 73% led by TSSG, 34 currently active Collaborated with 425 partners in 35 countries – industry and academic partners working on funded projects

5 Balanced Ecosystem Copyright © 2011 Waterford Institute of Technology 5

6 TSSG TSSG Innovation Platform Academic Network around the World PhD Students and Graduates Publications in Leading Journals Projects for Partner Companies Knowledge and IP European Research Network Technology Roadmaps White Papers and Prototypes Knowledge and IP European and USA company network Spin-outs / start-ups Projects with companies (90+) Technology (IP) that can be licensed WIT

7 WIT Leading National Research Cluster

8 WIT - Leaders in European programmes  EU FP7 - ‘Waterford Institute of Technology, who are on a level par with the larger institutions in relation to participation success rates, are a model for other institutes of technology and indeed some universities to follow’

9 Regional Impact – ArcLabs, a unique environment for innovation & enterprise  Regional hub for research, innovation & enterprise development  New centre opened in Kilkenny  84 of the businesses supported by WIT Enterprise Platform Programme in the past 6 years currently have a combined turnover of €29 million, with €8.5 million in export sales, and have generated 249 jobs in this period.  20 companies based in Arclabs employing 160+  261 innovation vouchers completed to date

10 Researched, Developed, Built and Spun Out - 2010. End-to-end Cloud Platform as a Service for building, running and managing enterprise grade mobile apps. Demonstrates capability to go from concept to product / business launch. FeedHenry (Spin-out) Winner: CTIA (USA), Emerging Technology Award, 2012 ISA (IE) Partnership Award, 2012

11 Researched, Developed, Built and Spun Out - 2008. Mobile solutions to the tourism and heritage sector. Tall Towers – augmented reality Demonstrates capability to go from concept to product / business launch. ZolkC (Spin-out)

12 Market Validation/ Product Engineering Feasibility/Business Models Engineering Team Development Business Partnerships Reference Site Agile Development Environment IP Management EI Commercial Case Feasibility Grant 10-15K EI Commercialisation Grant Staged 100-300K TT Office Leverage Industry Contact base

13 Spin-in Company Product re-engineering Engineering Team Development Agile Development Environment IP Management EI Innovation Partnerships 100-400K 30% Contribution from Company EU research for the Benefit of SMEs EI Innovation Voucher TT Office

14 EU Framework Understand EU framework workplan Identify relevant open call Identify projects already funded – state of the art Who are project partners – What can you bring to table Identify program support infrastructure – Technology Platforms – Conferences / working groups – Open days 1.Leverage EI/IOTI training programs 2.EU travel grant 3.Identify and meeting Irish participants 4.Volunteer as programme reviewer

15  Over 7000 full time students & 1500 part time (Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Health Science, Science)  €107m research awards 2001 - 2011  Over 400 research staff and research postgraduate students actively involved in funded research projects in WIT  134 Principal Investigators, Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers supported by sponsored research > €9.5m payroll (unique model within IOT sector)  More than 170 active research projects WIT – Some Key Facts

16 Research Centres of Critical Mass Telecommunications Software Systems Group (TSSG) 84 dedicated research staff Main areas of focus: Network control software, Future Internet, Mobile Communication Services Pharmaceutical & Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBRC) 30+ Faculty Research staff Main areas of focus: Polymeric drug delivery technologies Novel process technologies Separation Science Molecular Biotechnology (biotransformations and therapeutic molecules) Active collaborations with: Genzyme, Merck, Sharpe & Dohme, Teva, Eirgen, FastForm Research, Pinewood South East Applied Materials Research Centre (SEAM) 5 Full time research staff Main areas of focus: X-ray Microtomography Microwave Processing Thermal analysis & SEM Active collaborations with: Schivo, MinCon, Boston Scientific, Stryker, Sigmoid Pharma, Genzyme, Pfizer, Teva….

17 Lessons learned : Institute –Need for Institutional strategy –Areas of specialisations –Support mechanisms Infrastructure and equipment Travel Timely information on calls Payments HR policy –Reward structure / performance system –External Evaluation/Support –Strategic Partnerships

18 Lessons Learned : Department /School –Continuity from Institute strategy mapped to School/department priorities –Research targets –Feedback loop –Recognition for performers –Establish R&D committee –Mentoring programme – support infrastructure –Postgraduate strategy

19 Lessons Learned Academic Researcher –Identify areas of maximum opportunity Institute priority Regional impact National agenda Funding opportunities –Development plan Self evaluation Potential partners Basic/Applied/commercial strategy Publications

20 Lessons Learned Academic Researcher –Funding opportunities How does it fit in with your development plan Potential partners Outcomes –Hiring strategy Students Postdocs Research fellows Engineers

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