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1. Customer Value What VALUES do we want? 2. REsources What RESOURCES do we have? 3. Analogy across domains Where do we look for INSPIRATION? 4. X- Variation.

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1 1. Customer Value What VALUES do we want? 2. REsources What RESOURCES do we have? 3. Analogy across domains Where do we look for INSPIRATION? 4. X- Variation of properties for new or improved functions What do we change, what do we GAIN? CREAX process

2 Our competitors? Air, Nitrogen? Heat in production? Can I convert sources to energy? Resources associated to people? Can I turn negative into positive? Can I solve the problem on a different level? Are my clients a resource? Waste streams? Transporting time? Gravity, sunlight, time? Our research people? Free patents? University research? The internet? Cheap materials? The patent database? What properties are still a resource? 2


4 4 To be resourceful is to be creative within constraints

5 Types of resources: Resources are everywhere around us  Knowledge resources  Cheap and abundant resources  Material resources  Production resources  Resources associates with people 5 Resources

6 6 The world wide web as a resource Patent Database Wikipedia Planet feedback Way back Machine More Inspiration Function Database Trial Software Google

7 Can existing innovations inspire you to new ideas or markets? 7

8 Innovate with Kraft 8

9 Constitution of air (% by volume) Cheap or Free resources 9 1. introduction | 2. value | 3. resources | 4. nine windows | 5. analogy | 6. patents | 7. properties | 8.conflicts | 9. product dna | 10. appendix

10 10 Atmosphere: Density (kg/m3)1.2 Temperature/Gradient (°C)15 Pressure/Gradient (Pa)101325 Altitude (m above sea level)0 Velocity0 Gravitational Force (m/s2)9.807 Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)0.0242 Index of refraction1.00029 Peak Sunlight Intensity (W/m2)1600 Mean Sunlight Intensity (W/m2)250 Opacity (ppm particulates)40 Speed of sound (m/s)339 Viscosity (cP)0.0171 Water vapour content (%)4 Relative Humidity (%)80 The Atmosphere as a resource

11 11 Conventional machine tools – lathe, mill, drill, grind, etc Forging – hot, cold Punches, dies and presses Electro-discharge machining Electro-chemical machining Explosive forming Sand-casting Centrifugal casting Lost-wax casting Single-crystal casting Soldering/brazing Friction welding Electron-beam welding MIG/TIG/arc welding Laser drill/cutter/heat-treatment Etching – Chemical, photo, laser Flame spray Ultrasound cutter Sintering/Firing Extrusion Film-blowing Moulding – injection, blow, compression, reaction-injection Shot-blasting/Shot-peening/Laser shot-peening Rapid prototyping – stereolithography, selective laser sintering, Fused deposition, inkjet systems/3D-printing, shape-metal deposition Nano-clustering Mechanical context resources

12 12 Acylation Alkylation – oxygen, nitrogen Amination Bio-accumulation Blending Bromination Carboxylation, De-carboxylation Chiral Synthesis Chlorination Condensation Cyanation, Cyanoethylation Diazotation Distillation Enantiomeric Reduction, Resolution Fermentation Fluorination Fractionation Friedel-Craft Reactions Granulation Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation Iodination Lithiation (BuLi, LDA) Methylation Nitration Organometallations Chemical context resources

13 13 Everything in and around a system which is not used to its maximum potential is still a resource …even damaging resources! Investigate the positive and negative resources …resonance or pressure for example Resources

14 14 Resonance as a resource RESONANCE Cleaning Drilling Rinsing … Tacoma bridge

15 Use resources: Complaining customers are resources for product development. 15 Resources - example Taste of Momenti’s chosen with help from customers. Boeing 777 is developed with help from several airlines.

16 ERI’s PX Pressure Exchanger™ (PX™) is an innovative technology that can reduce the amount of energy required in seawater desalination by up to 60%, resulting in more economical production of drinking water and a reduced carbon footprint. 16 Resources – seawater desalination; PX energy recovery device ERI’s PX devices, which feature only one moving part, are the most elegant approach to high-efficiency energy recovery available today. The heart of the PX is an aluminum oxide rotor, floating in an almost frictionless hydrodynamic bearing. This ceramic material is unaffected by chemicals, is three times harder than steel, and does not corrode. The bearing is continuously lubricated by seawater, requires no maintenance, and is not subject to wear.

17 17

18 18 MECHANICAL Vibrations or gravity as a source to make electricity with piezo elements. MECHANICAL - gravitational Power-Producing Shock Absorbers

19 19 MECHANICAL - mechanical The Boon Edam revolving door plays a very important part in achieving and maintaining the sustainability of the building. The Tourniket revolving door will help primarily to save the carefully generated and conserved energy. A calculation was made for this particular situation that indicated an energy saving of around 4600 kWh per year, a considerable saving compared to a conventional sliding entrance. Energy generating revolving door architecture · energy MECHANICAL

20 20 THERMAL - conduction Thermoelectric generator Convert lost heat to electricity. CHEMICAL - chemical Water charged cell phone The water combined with the cell phone metal interior will create Hydrogen gas, which will then generate energy when it reacts with Oxygen. THERMAL & CHEMICAL

21 21 ELECTRICAL & PRESSURE ELECTRICAL - electromagnetic Use the rotation as a source. PRESSURE - wind STRANDBEEST by Theo Jansen Movement empowered by wind. Dynamo


23 23 What resource could you use for advertising on a bus?

24 24 D’ARCY - Amsterdam Resources - advertising

25 25 TANDEM CAMPMANY GUASCH DDB – Barcelona Resources - advertising

26 26 Resources - advertising TANDEM CAMPMANY GUASCH DDB – Barcelona

27 27 THE MARTIN AGENCY – Richmond, VA Resources - advertising

28 28

29 29 Competition as a resource

30 Resource case study: Imagine, you are on the Titanic and have just hit the ice! The captain tells you the nearest ship offering help is 8 hours away. But the expectation is that the Titanic will sink within 3 hours in the ice cold water. The panicky message following these messages is this: there are not enough emergency boats for everybody on board! Find a way to save the different groups of people until help has arrived. 30 GroupHelping devices 1 Upper deck 2 Engine Room 3 Ballroom 4 Storage room 5 Bedrooms 6 Kitchen, guests Yourself everyone on the ship everyone on the ship and the ship itself Save the Titanic - use all resources exercise

31 31 Save the Titanic - use all resources

32 32 Resources - example

33 Hijacker injector Ridiculous Patents - example 33

34 34 Running Shoe

35 Polar bear shot 35

36 Polar Bear fur and Jacket 36

37 Example: self cleaning 37

38 Velcro resulted in 1948 from a Swiss engineer, George de Mestral, noticing how the hooks of the plant burrs stuck in the fur of his dog Example: velcro 38

39 Example: airplane wing design Using a wind tunnel, researchers have found that the flipper of the humpback whale is a more efficient wing design than the current model used by the aeronautics industry on airplanes. Engineers are working to apply the aerodynamic findings to future airplane and automotive design 39

40 Engineers at Airbus have used the rough skin of the shark as inspiration in developing a striated foil coating for the wings of aircraft, a design which has resulted in six percent less friction and improved fuel efficiency. Example: Sharkskin Speedo® Fastskin® is the most technically advanced swimwear ever made. Unique fabric mimics a sharkskin with dermal denticles-tiny hydrofoils with V- shaped ridges that decrease drag and turbulence. Researchers are using shark skin as a model for creating new coatings that prevent adhesion of algae and barnacles to boats. The new coating is modeled after sharks' placoid scales. 40

41 Use of resources: biological GPS-Equipped Pigeons Enlisted as Pollution Bloggers Pigeons carrying high-tech backpacks that contain pollution sensors, GPS units, and stripped-down cell phones have been enlisted to create accurate, detailed urban pollution maps. Now scientists are taking the concept of small, low-cost sensors all over the world for their air-pollution research. Japanese boffins create scuttling cyber spies Cybernetically enhanced bugs have become a reality meaning that humanity may have more to worry about than the threat of AI-style robots taking over the world. Japanese boffins at Tokyo University are developing a 'robo-roach' remote controlled insect that could be used to carry a miniature camera and microphone. It would not be to make very small documentaries or make its own cockroach karoake either; robo-roach could be used in any number of environments ranging from searching through rubble for disaster victims to acting as a tiny spy in espionage missions. Cockroaches make the ideal agent because they cannot be shot, poisoned or bribed and would be the only life form likely to survive a nuclear war. 41

42 42

43 43 “The significant problems that we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Albert Einstein

44 44 Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

45 45 Kitchen CREAX building Traffic Waking up & breakfastAttending CREAX courseGoing home CoffeeCourse MaterialGPS System Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

46 46 Super-system Service System Product Sub-system Component Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

47 preventmaintain repairing beforeduring after Introducing 9-windows: Time 47 Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

48 Space Time surrounding components the box beforeafter TRAINING TOOL 2: OUT OF THE BOX components

49 tree Introducing 9-windows 49 Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

50 Space PastpresentFuture System Sub-system Super-system earth seed DNA wood tree forestWorkshop wood furniture varnished woodnatural wood Time Introducing 9-windows 50 BeforeDuringAfter

51 51 Example solution ‘before’ Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Dreamlens Ortho K is worn WHILE YOU SLEEP. On waking the lenses are removed and you enjoy normal, crisp, comfortable vision. This eliminates the need for spectacles or contact lenses throughout the day. Super-system

52 52 SICK INSULATE VACCIN MIGRATE Example solution ‘cold’ prevention Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

53 53 RUBBERLOSS PRESPIN COUNTERWIND Process Example: solution rubber loss Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

54 54 ICE FORMING Ice forming on wind mills Space System Sub-system Time Before During After Super-system

55 55 ICE FORMINGCRACKS CEMENT RAIN Cracks in material Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter Super-system

56 56 Dye after knitting Space System Sub-system Time Before During After Super-system

57 Concrete production 57

58 Concrete production Before Mixing Constituent transport, unloading and ground storage During Mixing Constituent loading, transfer and mixing Mix loading After Mixing Mix transport, pouring and curing curing concrete formed ettringite released curing heat (temperature gradient profiles) 58

59 Space Time PastpresentFuture System Super-system Titanic hitting iceberg Radio Exercise 9-widows 59 Sub-system BeforeDuringAfter

60 Space PastpresentFuture System Sub-system Super-system Time 60 BeforeDuringAfter

61 Space PastpresentFuture System Sub-system Time Super-system 61 BeforeDuringAfter

62 Space PastpresentFuture System Sub-system Super-system Time 62 BeforeDuringAfter

63 63 Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuring After Super-system Wool Polyester Perfume coating Water, washing machine components, biodegradable, surfactants (anionic & nonionic) and enzymes Packaging biodegradable, surfactants (anionic & nonionic) and enzymes

64 64 9-widows Space System Sub-system Time BeforeDuringAfter exercise Super-system

65 Space PastpresentFuture System Sub-system Super-system Time 65 9-widows BeforeDuringAfter exercise

66 Using CreationSuite analysis for 9-windows 66

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