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Traditional Finnish rye bread

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1 Traditional Finnish rye bread
GIF Activity Package Saara Haapsaari

2 The objective To learn bake Finnish traditional rye bred
The pupils will know, what is the bread tradition in Finland and how to restore bread tradition To learn the recipe of rye bread and how it was baked before Also how to make sourdough The pupils will know, how helthy the rye bread is To get the pupils and others inspired to bake rye bread at school and at home

3 Concrete work at the school
Rye bread will be baked by the pupils at junior high school ( grades 7, 8 and 9 ) at least once in home economics by the students at high school during Bon apetit 1 ja 2- course and also on ”The traditional food and habits”- day of our school At the high school also a diploma of home economics will be made about traditional rye bread

4 ”Team rye bred” The pupils in grade nine were very interested in baking rye bred. They have two hours home economics in a week, both on one day. As it takes more time to make the rye bread ready, they were mixing the sour dough on their own time on the first day and on the second day the bread was baked during the lessons. The hole activity package went very well and some pupils even took the recipe and dough to bake the rye bread at home. The pupils said, that they will bake the bread still many times. All pupils in the group said, that the taste of bread is very delicious.

5 Now we are beginning to bake

6 The rye bread dough

7 Baking

8 Soon it is time to taste…

9 ”Delicious, good nam, nam”.

10 Pupils opinions ”The rye bread taste is very delicious.”
”It takes time to bake the rye bread, but it is not difficult.” ”The rye bread smells very good.” ”We want to bake too.” ”I want eat this bread allways.” ”This is best bread, that I have ever eated. I want bake this bread at home.” ”I have heard, that this bread is very healthy.” ”I want to learn to bake this bread.” ”This is like grand mam´s bread.” All teachers tasted the rye bread and their opinions were: ”The taste is delicious”, ”I want to bye this bread”, ”I eated that kind of bread, when I was child”, ”I want to learn to bake this bread, may I have the recipe?”

11 Saara Haapsaari Teacher of home economics Nurmon yläaste
Real Finnish food Saara Haapsaari Teacher of home economics Nurmon yläaste

12 Budjetti Raaka-aine- ja materiaalikulut n € (Kevään seminaaria varten ajatuksena hankkia Jokipiin pellavaa tuliaisleipien kääreeksi)

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