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Prof. dr. Zoran REN Vice-dean for studies Univer sity of Maribor – Fa culty of Mechanical Engineering LINK CONFERENCE YOU + I = TOGETHER WHAT HAVE WE DONE.

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1 Prof. dr. Zoran REN Vice-dean for studies Univer sity of Maribor – Fa culty of Mechanical Engineering LINK CONFERENCE YOU + I = TOGETHER WHAT HAVE WE DONE TOGETHER SO FAR AND WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO IN THE FUTURE AT UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR?

2 2 University of Maribor facts and figures University of Maribor encompasses: - 16 faculties (including 4 outside Maribor), - Student dormitories, - University library, - Sports centre Leon Štukelj - Residence hall for postgraduate students and visiting professors Number of staff in 2008: 574 higher education teachers, 365 higher education assistants and 187 researchers

3 3 Number of study programmes in 2008/09 term: 198, including 29 higher education programmes (13 old and 16 pursuant to the Bologna reform), 82 university programmes (42 old and 40 Bologna), 12 second degree programmes, 4 specialist, 35 Master and 36 Ph.D. programmes (30 old and 6 Bologna). Number of enrolled students in 2008/09 term: 23,426, including 20,785 undergraduate and 2,641 postgraduate students. Among, there are 29 having the disabled student status. Number of graduates in 2008 3,249, including 2,921 in undergraduate and 328 in postgraduate programmes including the 2nd degree.

4 Disabled students at UM in 2008/09 4 InstitutionAbbr.Study programmeStudy modeState of studyNumber Faculty of Economics and Business EPFUniversity programmeregularactive1 Faculty of Economics and Business EPFHigher education programme regulargraduated1 Faculty of Economics and Business EPFHigher education programme regularactive4 Faculty of Organizational Sciences FOVUniversity programmeirregularactive1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering FSSUniversity programmeregularactive1 Faculty of EducationPEFUniversity programmeregularactive3 Faculty of EducationPEFHigher education programme irregularactive1 Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics FNMUniversity programmeregularactive3 Faculty of LogisticsFLUniversity programmeregularactive1 Faculty of ArtsFFUniversity programmeirregularactive1 Faculty of ArtsFFUniversity programmeregularactive12

5 5 SOME CONCLUSIONS Recently, there has been an increase in the number and the share of disabled students who decide to study at university. Universities are thus faced with new challenges concerning securing proper conditions for studying, raising awareness and accepting diversity. The phrase “a student with special needs”, which is commonly used in higher education, is not appropriate, for it includes other types, like student athletes, student culture professionals, student families and students at social risk. Disabled students have needs different from the others in the category of students with special needs, therefore the wording “ disabled student ” should be promoted.

6 6 ACTIVITIES UP TO NOW A number of activities with to systematically organise the position and the status of disabled students were launched at University of Maribor in 2007/08 term: the university statutes was amended to include also the disabled student status, the university rules on particularities of disabled students’ study process was adopted, training of faculty expert workers working with disabled students was organized, most of the faculties have prepared and accepted action plans for the removal of physicall barriers for disabled students.

7 7 The adopted rules set the provisions for acquiring the disabled student status and the types and modes of adjustments for the disabled. Included is the adjustment of study obligations, which enables a disabled student to be treated equally. Applications for acquiring disabled student status and necessary adjustments are considered individually by the commission for studies of a particular university member. The faculty might not be able to ensure certain adjustments, therefore it is advisable to look into the matter before enrolment. The assigned disabled student status is registered in the electronic database AIPS. On the basis of the list of students willing to do the examination, the teacher is timely informed and can prepare the necessary adjustments for the examination.

8 8 At the request of the rector conference, the ministry of higher education, science and technology this year invited universities to prepare a plan of funds needed for adjusting the study environment and the study process to the disabled student needs. When preparing the funding plan, we have consulted the Slovenian Association of Disabled Students. It has proposed and prepared a questionnaire, thus enabling the preparation of an analysis of the situation in the country and the assessment of investment and costs needed for adjusting Slovenian study programmes to the needs of disabled students.

9 9 Representatives of certain University of Maribor faculties are actively involved in the project StuDis – Development of inclusive higher education for disabled students. The project aims to identify the needs for developing a more accessible study environment and improving higher education opportunities for disabled students. All the above mentioned activities are carried out on the basis of excellent cooperation and help of the Slovenian Association of Disabled Students, notably its Maribor section. The association is regularly consulted for expert help in other disabled student issues, too.

10 10 PLANNED ACTIVITIES Preparation of action plans for removal of barriers for disabled students at all University of Maribor members, and the endorsement of these plans at relevant university bodies. Practical implementation of the conclusions of the StuDis and other projects, consequently improving higher education conditions for disabled students. Continuation of launched activities for the establishment of a disabled student friendly university.

11 11 CONCLUSION The University of Maribor strivesto become a disabled student friendly university. Universities should, in cooperation with relevant organizations and experts, systematically enable disabled students a convenient mode of study. For successful realization of this aim, expert help and appropriate funding is necessary. At this point I would like to express my thanks and support to the Slovenian Association of Disabled Students for their work so far and excellent cooperation.

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