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Monitoring and evaluation of SP’s activities Magnus Holmgren Quality manager.

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1 Monitoring and evaluation of SP’s activities Magnus Holmgren Quality manager

2 SP A group of companies Six subsidiaries 1100 employs (650 in the mother company) Research and innovation Conformity assessment Metrology Consultancy

3 Monitoring and evaluation Internal audits External audits –Financial –Systems (Swedac accreditation) –Environment –Labour protection –Fire protection –etc Monitoring of inspection personnel Complaints Customer satisfaction questionnaire Hearings Staff satisfaction questionnaires Advisory boards Benchmarking Reports Measurement of performance

4 Internal audits On all levels –Sections –Departments –Companies Different focus –Quality management system –Environmental management system –Labour protection –Different tasks in conformity assessment A lot of resources spent

5 External audits The ”normal” financial Accreditation (350.000 € per year) of our activities as conformity assessment body (testing, calibration, system certification product certification, certification of personnel and inspection), notified body, technical service, NMI and CAB The municipality’s environmental office The fire brigade Certification bodies Customers GRI report

6 Complaints About 70 in the mother company Have tried to increase the reported complaints 5 years ago 20 The types –Prices –Delivery times –Misuse of certificates etc. Some lead to economical compensation

7 Customer satisfaction questionnaires 20 years history The same questionnaire in the whole SP-group Every 1-2 year 18 questions coming back 2 additional questions Mean grade 5 of 6 Action plan

8 Hearing Yearly Reporting to the main state sponsors Report on areas Specific projects as examples.

9 Advisory boards In several areas –Metrology –Car industry –Construction industry –Wood –Etc. Member clubs –SIK –GLAFO –YKI –CBI Give advise about the research strategy in the area Having yearly reports

10 Benchmarking RISE EARTO Subsidiaries

11 Staff satisfaction questionnaire Every second year NMI 73 out of 100 Action plan

12 Measurement of projects Economic follow up Delivery time Customer satisfaction Objectives

13 Publication etc. Publications Exams Prices Popular employer Visibility

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